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What’s Up with UP?
Kristen M. Crane | Assistant City Manager

On August 5, 2019 the City Council authorized proceeding with design for undergrounding utility poles in two areas of the City, generally defined as follows:

• Area 1A – West of Camino del Mar, along Stratford Court between 4th Street and Sea Orbit Lane, including the alleys. This is considered the “pilot project” area.

• Area X1A – Vicinity of Crest Canyon, including the eastern end of San Dieguito Drive near the City limit, and above Crest Canyon along Avenida Primavera and Crest Drive, extending to the southern City boundary.

For each of these two areas, it is anticipated that there will be some slight refinements to the boundaries based on technical feedback from SDG&E and the telecommunications companies

The focus is now on the steps to officially form the undergrounding districts for both Area 1A and X1A.

Together with the Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee, the City is working to select a specialty electrical engineering consultant that will play an important role on the team during the design process, working with SDG&E, the telecommunications companies, and property owners. The selection process for the specialized electrical engineering consultant is in progress, with interviews and City Council award of a contract planned for November.

While it had been planned that the formal steps to establish the two undergrounding districts would be brought to the City Council in October, in reviewing the two areas more carefully, it was determined to wait until the specialized electrical engineering consultant selection process is complete.

The next step to form the two districts is to complete a site visit of the two areas with SDG&E and the two telecommunications companies (AT&T and Charter). That very precise review in the field may yield necessary refinements to the boundaries based on circuitry, operational requirements for SDG&E, AT&T or Spectrum, and cost efficiency. It was determined that it would be highly beneficial to have the new electrical engineering consultant on board to participate in those two site walks, to both provide expert advice to the City and to be part of the design process with SDG&E and the telecommunications companies from the beginning.
Once the new electrical engineering consultant is on board, the goal is to conduct the site visits for the two areas in early December, then to proceed with the official steps to form the undergrounding districts in January.

As part of the steps to form the districts, a detailed map of each area will be produced that identifies exactly which parcels are included in each area. Public noticing will be sent in advance of the City Council meetings to all residents and property owners, both within the area and within 300 feet.

Design will be completed at the City’s expense by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), which includes coordination with the telecommunication providers that use the utility poles for their infrastructure. Design is anticipated to take approximately 18 months once the two areas are officially designated as undergrounding districts by the City Council, which gives SDG&E the green light to proceed.

Further discussion of the Area 1A and Area X1A, where they are located, and how they were determined and selected for the first phase is available on the project web page at www.delmar.ca.us/up.
For more information, visit www.delmar.ca.us/up or contact up@delmar.ca.us.



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