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Lynn Gaylord | Ocean Front

I would like for all of us to change the tone of some of what I have been hearing at Council meetings recently, and reading attack letters to the editor in the Del Mar Times. We don’t need that kind of vitriol in our town.

Del Mar, in my opinion and the opinion of many others, is the most wonderful place to live in all of southern California. Why is that? Is it because our real estate values are going up when others are going down, maybe… – but the deeper question is why? Why is this so?

It is more than our sandy beaches because other cities have sandy beaches…
I am going to offer up the fact that many in this town held strong to the belief that we didn’t want big mansions. We wanted open spaces. We wanted public parks. We wanted protected lagoons. And, if you were going to build, you couldn’t block your neighbor’s view. Landscape plans were required, to be respected and adhered to.

And much of this was recently quantified by our Design Guidelines. These guidelines were started by Ellie Haviland, as a private citizen, and then supported by Council members Parks and Worden. In fact, Worden was the Council’s liaison to the Guidelines committee. These guidelines have made it much easier and fairer for architects and residents when working with the Design Review Board.

And speaking of gorgeous designs, thank you Council members for our Orchid award-winning city hall! It’s beautiful! It is open and friendly! It was fantastic on a recent Saturday night to be here for the Community Connections Gala with the whole caring community turned out! Utterly delightful to enjoy the sunset, great neighbors, and a glass of wine! I am speaking from my heart.

We have a wonderful, caring, and committed community here in Del Mar. People look out for each other. We are not like some other coastal towns which are night-after-night of short-term rentals, run by online, money-making agencies. That is not us. That is not who we want to become either. Thanks again to Councilmembers Haviland, Parks and Worden who have supported controlling short-term rentals to a manageable and neighborhood friendly use. I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to keep Del Mar a wonderful place to live! We incorporated 60 years ago so that we would have control over our development, our open spaces, and it was the best thing we ever did!



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