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Greg Beckham | Stratford Court

How time flies when you’re having fun! There really is nothing quite like living in Del Mar to enhance the quality of your daily life with joy and beauty. Here we are at 2019 over twenty years since I created my artistic vision for our community as a “2020” challenge to project us into a future that would enhance our lives as we endure the relentless growth of our region. So far all the attention has gone to UCSD and it’s voracious growth and the 100,000 new residents in the 56 corridor; while Del Mar gets no answers to the choking affect from the North, South, East, and West, that are existential threats to everyone’s quality of life. Del Mar is a recreational, spiritual, life-affirming resource for the whole world - not just the residents. We have a generational responsibility to protect and enhance this special place in perpetuity.

Greg's maps drawn in 1997 for "2020" Challenge

My vision for Del Mar stems from my feeling that our community is as close to living in a park as possible. We have proven that by our long commitment to the continuing practice of purchasing open space and perserving it for public use. We need to maintain a balance between us living here and allowing nature to dominate and breathe life into the inanimate so the landscape can continue to inspire and nurture all. We need to pursue a course of action that makes Del Mar even more magnificent. Del Mar deserves nothing less.

The details of my design works to remove traffic, both vehicle and train, from Del Mar proper. By putting that infrastructure underground we reclaim the coast for pedestrian uses by building parking at the North and South ends of town and using innovative methods to bring people into town. Electric shuttles, chair lifts, bikes, and all forms of personal transportation [i.e. walking!] could be used on paths that would engage people to enjoy the moment instead of clogging our streets and searching for a parking place. The future is ours to create. Let’s not miss our opportunity to do great things to enhance our community’s quality of life.
Thank you for your attention and I hope you find some inspiration in my design. Perhaps in the next 20 years we can make some intelligent investments and not be misguided by well meaning bureaucrats and NIMBYism.



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