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Question 6
On short-term rentals, do you support the zoning change adopted by the Council to allow STRs in residential zones for up to 28 days/year, in 7-day increments, with unlimited STRs in most commercial zones?

• FLETCHER: Q6 I am disappointed with how this issue has divided our community resulting in numerous lawsuits. I believe we should work with Del Mar citizens to formulate a compromise that also protects our housing stock and maintains the character of our neighborhoods.

• GAASTERLAND: Q6 I supported the City’s 28/7 position in testimony before the Coastal Commission a few months ago. The CC rejected the City’s plan and instead approved 100 days per year with a 3 day minimum stay. After that, the City decided to sue the CC in court to determine who has authority to determine the STR policy, the CC or Del Mar. Once the courts decide this issue, Del Mar can then determine what our next steps will be. We already have unlimited STRs in most commercial zones, and approved STRs can continue under the moratorium until that time.

• QUIRK: Q6 I support the change and the lawsuit against the Coastal Commission. STR policies should be locally determined.

• WORDEN: Q6 Yes. I support allowing full-time STRs in commercial and visitor zones intended for commercial uses. I support 28/7 in residential zones to protect our neighborhoods and housing stock. This allows residents to short-term rent on a limited basis without commercializing residential neighborhoods and intensifying negative impacts, as “mini-hotels” do.


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