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Question 5
The City Council recently agreed to pursue affordable housing strategies outlined in the 5/22 report.

How will you support planning and funding efforts to achieve state-mandated housing goals?

• FLETCHER: Q5 Since most of Del Mar is already built out and the Fairgrounds comprises 20% of our City’s area, I support meeting our affordable housing goals by working with the Fairgrounds which has over 50 units in their approved master plan to replace its current substandard housing. This would help eliminate the City’s current plan to rezone the entire North Commercial District on Jimmy Durante to high-density mixed-use.

• GAASTERLAND: Q5 Del Mar needs an action plan that is feasible and will benefit Del Mar’s residents. 1. Let’s renovate housing on Fairgrounds property – add kitchens, bathrooms and closets. 2. Let’s purchase apartment buildings already in Del Mar and once bought, rent out some units at affordable rates and most at market rate to make the payments and cover costs. 3. We already have potential affordable housing in Del Mar. Let’s work with building owners to enter agreements to keep some apartments affordable on a long-term basis.
Del Mar’s multi-unit housing has grown 2% a decade, according to the numbers in the 22-in-5 report. It will be difficult to agree on where to building new housing. We need a plan that renovates and works with what we have, and works with apartment building owners.

• QUIRK: Q5 We should build 22+ units on the dirt lot at the PWD (conditional on an EIR), and more on the fairgrounds if we can appeal to them with creative, win-win solutions which are out there. I’m a strong advocate of affordable housing, as well as providing permanent supportive housing solutions for the homeless. I volunteer at Father Joe’s Villages in downtown San Diego, and solving homelessness has become one of my life missions. I’m working on a low-cost idea inspired by college dorms and small dorm-rooms, combined with intensive volunteer and support services on the ground floor. A successful prototype could be copied across the country. See more at my website.

• WORDEN: Q5 I support a robust community process to select the 22/5 Report’s options that work best for Del Mar. I’m currently pursuing fairgrounds options, and working with the Housing Corporation, City staff and our consultant to make “22 in 5” a reality. Meeting our affordable housing goals will allow seniors to age in place, and make it possible for some of our teachers, firefighters, students, and young families to live here. Importantly, it will keep us from losing local zoning control to the State or courts. I will continue to provide leadership to create an affordable housing fund, seek grants, investigate public/private partnerships, and pursue all options compatible with our Community Plan



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