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Question 3
How will you support efforts to reduce the impact of fairground activities on our community including traffic, noise, and gun shows?

• FLETCHER: Q3 I support working with the Fairground’s staff and board as well as the adjoining cities of Solana Beach and San Diego to help reduce or mitigate the impact of increased traffic and noise from activities at the Fairgrounds. On the issue of gun shows, the Fair Board already responded to community concerns with their vote on 9/11 to not renew the gun show’s contract.

• GAASTERLAND: Q3 The train stop at the Fairgrounds will eliminate a large amount of traffic. It is on the SANDAG agenda. We need to expedite this plan. Further, the Fairgrounds lacks a “heavy traffic” plan and needs an “unexpected traffic” plan to transition traffic control when needed. Let’s institute a joint traffic committee with Fairgrounds and local members and the sheriff to address this together. Concerts boost attendance for the races and the County Fair, but create noise issues. Let’s continue to anticipate noise levels for events in advance and coordinate noise abatement with the Fairgrounds Board and Solana Beach. I support the Board’s plan to establish a no-guns policy for this state property.

• QUIRK: Q3 Regarding traffic and noise, Del Mar should embrace electronic data collection using inexpensive smart sensors. As general policy, Del Mar should aggressively utilize data analytics to improve operational and decision making capabilities. Regarding guns, I support the Del Mar City Council Resolution 2018-17 calling on the fairgrounds to discontinue gun shows. The recent shooting incident highlights the serious risks. There are over 100 federally licensed gun sellers in the county where individuals can purchase fire-arms. The Second Amendment applies primarily to gun owners, not sellers.

• WORDEN: Q3 I co-authored the Council resolution against gun shows, recruited neighboring Mayors to join our efforts, and advocated the Fair Board’s recent action. On Fairgrounds issues generally, an amendment applying Del Mar’s LCP to the fairgrounds will give Del Mar more zoning control; I drafted one and it is on the City’s list of priorities. I am working now with the fairgrounds, Solana Beach councilmembers, and others on traffic and noise problems, and these are high priority issues for me.



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