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“Gold Coast,” the life-sized statue of a sparkling gold horse now standing at the Jimmy Durante Roundabout.
Photo Julie Maxey-Allison.
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Our Vanishing Canopy
Plaza Space Revival
$treetscape Timing
Oven Offerings
Horse Sense
Paws Laws
Scratch Scratch

Our Vanishing Canopy - follow up from June Sandpiper
A tree’s life and limbs are assessed in Del Mar by the Planning Department and, if appropriate, the Design Review Board once a tree removal permit (TRP) is applied for. While an aged out and/or diseased tree that poses a hazard should be removed, a healthy tree can qualify for the chain saw because of minor infringements: if it is within 12 feet of a property (City of Del Mar Tree Ordinance Section 23.050.050), or might interfere with paving, or has an accumulation of dead branches that could pose a potential problem because it has not been “well maintained.” It may be time to reconsider such minor offenses. Alternatives: a tree can be trimmed. A wood or trex deck can bridge over root systems in place of asphalt or concrete. Anticipate space: allow a new tree room to branch out.

Plaza Space Revival
On Aug. 22, the Design Review Board approved two changes designed to revive the restaurant space in the Del Mar Plaza originally occupied by Epazote. The boxy, plastic-encased patio enclosure will be replaced by a multi-tiered patio cover, with the center section at the same height as the current enclosure, and the section on each side four feet lower. The patio sides will be at least 60% open, restoring the space to an outdoor terrace. The walkway that currently separates the main restaurant space from the terrace will be enclosed to become part of the restaurant, adding 565 sq. ft to the restaurant, which complies with the Plaza Specific Plan’s designated maximum restaurant square footage. Owners Marc and Patty Brutten have said the disjunct space (with a bridge connecting the restaurant’s main space and terrace) is a deal killer in their efforts to land the high-quality restaurant they want for this space. With an open terrace, attractive patio cover, and larger, connected restaurant space, this key Plaza space may once again become a vital part of our community.

$treetscape Timing
In July as the City Budget was being approved for Fiscal years 2019 and 2020, Council also learned that the estimated cost of Streetscape (9th Street to 15th Street along Camino Del Mar) had increased to $7 million. Council asked Staff to return at a September Council meeting with a more definitive estimate of what Streetscape will cost, when it can be completed and how the City will pay for the project.
As part of its 2019 and 2020 Budget recommendation the Finance Committee recommended that the City use the money already earmarked in the CIP for Streetscape in the amount of $1.4 million plus the available Measure Q Reserves in the amount of $3 million and finally the City should only incur debt for the project if absolutely necessary. The key variable will be the timing of the project which will either be completed in Fiscal 2019 ending on June 30, 2019 or it could possibly spill over into Fiscal 2020. If the project falls into fiscal 2020, there will be additional $2 million in Measure Q revenues that become available.
Hopefully the cost and timing will be clarified at the September Council meeting so that the funding decisions can be concluded.”

Oven Offerings
Del Mar’s new bakery & cafe, the Patisserie Del Mar, beckons with freshly baked croissants, elegant French pastries and desserts. The current hours are 8:00 AM-2:00 PM Wednesday through Sunday at 915 Camino Del Mar (between 9th and 10th Street) where the glass-fronted kitchen is on view. Proprietors Tim and Heidi Brock bring their aesthetic of using all organic ingredients that they established at Darshan Bakery in Encinitas. They serve coffee from Intelligentsia and teas. Chai tea is a specialty.
Soon they will expand their offerings to croissant and focaccia sandwiches and their hours to 7AM-4 PM, Tuesday-Sunday. The official Grand Opening is Wednesday, September 5th. All are welcome.

Horse Sense
“Gold Coast,” the life-sized statue of a sparkling gold horse now standing at the Jimmy Durante Roundabout will stay in place through Del Mar’s Racing Season. However, at the season’s end, “Goldie” will be looking for a new, stable, home.

Paws Laws
City Council will decide on possible new leash laws for dogs at the September 4th meeting. If approved, dogs will be allowed to run free on the beach between 25th and 29th streets before 8 AM from the day after Labor Day through June 15 and on the North Beach – between 29th Street and the Solana Beach border – from dawn to 8:00 a.m. year-round beginning October 4. Note: off-leash dogs must be under the immediate voice control of their owners.

Scratch Scratch
As a consequence of our high tides and this summer’s heat, a new visitor has landed, the black salt marsh mosquito. As the tides recede from new heights the leftover warm water pools are perfect for breeding mosquitos. These are not the large, plump ones of the past. Small but effective, they like to attack during the day. Perhaps these tiny troops will, like Napoleon, be defeated. The county is contemplating spraying larvicide.
Meanwhile, to protect yourself, clear standing water where possible, in pet bowls, bird baths, beneath potted plants. Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs and bug spray. And/or get a mosquito zapper.

941 Yes or No
On the November ballot will be a “specific plan” for the future development of 941 Camino Del Mar (formerly Garden project site, also former gas station site). This is a stand-alone regulatory and policy document, not a particular building or site design.
Meanwhile a mixed-use development has been reviewed and conditionally approved by the Design Review Board.
If the voters approve the specific plan and the City Council approves, this development will allow the construction of a new, two-story mixed-use structure to include eight residential units (including two to be designated as “affordable”) and 4,398 square feet of commercial space.



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