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posted April 8, 2011

Surgery Center wants to fence off promised public space


City Council Meeting
Monday, April 11 - 6pm (item 14) 

Surgery Center seeks to change what it promised the City

If you think preserving public space in downtown Del Mar is important, attend Monday night's City Council meeting and speak up.  The new Cosmetic Surgery Center near the corner of 15th and Camino Del Mar is asking that the public benefits they promised to Del Mar in return for a waiver from Del Mar's downtown zoning requirement, be modified.  They want to eliminate the connection between their patio and Starbuck's and reduce the number of tables and chairs for public seating.

On February 22, 2010 the Center was granted a waiver from Del Mar's Horizontal Zoning requirement on the condition that a new "exciting public space" be included with "multiple seating areas" for "energizing the street with public space for people and conversation." A key element of the plan was a welcoming, stepping stone connection between the two patios "to enhance a sense of place and pedestrian flow" in the central downtown area. 

Now the Center wants to install a fence between the two patios and eliminate the "multiple" seating areas.  Read the full staff report (recommending that the request be denied) at delmar.ca.us (City Council Meeting Agenda for April 11, 2011, Item 14). Support staff's recommendation:

1. Come and speak up at the meeting
2. Submit a letter to City Council 
3. Contact City Council members

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