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  Smash Smells
Brooke Eisenberg-Pike | Hoska Drive

Photo Brooke Eisenberg-Pike


What I Saw

  • I saw a very large duct built on the outside of the Plaza running horizontally along the wall of the Plaza stretching east on 15th street, over the garage entrance and then rising vertically blocking one window of Pacifica’s kitchen.
  • I saw a large hole in the wall of the Plaza that permits the duct to pass through.

What I Heard

  • I heard it will vent odors from the Smashburger restaurant
  • I heard that this was approved by staff in consultation with Mayor Richard Earnest and council member Crystal Crawford.
  • I heard that because the Plaza is a specific plan it does not require review of any modifications.
  • I heard that the Plaza Tenants’ Design Manual controls modifications.
    I heard that this was deemed the most appropriate location and type of venting.
  • I heard that the duct will be covered with stucco to match the Plaza wall.

What I Know

  • I know that the Tenant’s Design Manual has no standards for placing ducts on the outside of the Plaza.
  • I know that the neighboring residents were not noticed about the construction of a vent that could potentially spew odors onto the hillside.
  • I know that there was no public review of any sort on this very noticeable modification to a very visible public site.
  • I know that the Design Review Board knew nothing about this prior to seeing it being constructed.
  • I know that any review that took place was done behind closed doors out of view of the community and without any community input.

What We Will Not Know

  • Now that this is a fait accompli we will not know whether there were other alternatives that were less visible or more attractive.
  • We will not know whether there were more efficient venting systems.
  • We will not know any of the concerns of the community until it is too late.

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