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EDITORIAL: Tree Dichotomy

Top Trees
Mary Friestedt

Tree Doc
Nancy Fisher

City Tree Tending
Sherryl L. Parks

News Updates  the Sandpiper Editors

Ask Dr. Rich
Rich Simons

Fair White Hole
Dwight Worden

Rounding the Bend
Jeff Barnouw

Wanted: Del Mar PD
Jim Benedict

On Your Mark
Bud Emerson

Driving SANDAG’s Bond
Terry Sinnott

Public Works Works
Scott Huth

Who Stole My El Niño?
Bruce Bekkar

Waiting For El Niño?  Joanne Sharp

Sunset Toast
Shirley King

Surprising Seniors
Nancy Fisher

Taking Care
Anthony Corso

Viva Vino!
Shannon Hogan Cohen

Nineteen Secret Paths
Linda and Frank Chisari

New Market Forces at Work
Valerie Fanning

Vandalism in the Village
Shannon Hogan Cohen

Buzz at Beesalt
Shannon Hogan Cohen


The Ongoing Tragedy of the Coastal Commission
Jeff Barnouw

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MARCH 2016

Pipe UP
Watermark a Needed Addition

Have you looked at the HUD project on El Camino Real south of Del Mar Heights Road?  It was designed by Rob Quigley back in the days of Bush I..  I haven't looked lately but it is an example of low-income housing after many years of occupancy.
It is the first development south of the road which leads up to the library and community pool.  Take a look.  It might help you convince the Del Mar skeptics that Watermark is a needed addition to our community - or pay the fine for not having the city's supply of this component on their books!  Cut down the size if you want it to pass a vote!

Ann Silber, Avenida Primavera

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Readers' page

Public WATERMARK Workshop #2
Thursday, March 24
6:00-8:00 pm
The Watermark Del Mar team invites you to attend the public workshop to learn more about the project and provide your input. These workshops offer the public focused project information and an opportunity for comment and input, as well as discussion and engagement with the project team. They are part of the public outreach effort that was outlined in the Specific Plan process, approved by the City Council in mid-2014.
Boutique Book Sale
at Del Mar Library
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 19
Recipes for Curing, Cooking, and Eating.

More than 200 books priced between $3 and $10 will be available. Categories include new, contemporary fiction and nonfiction in a wide variety of genres, such as  best sellers, self-help, thrillers, mysteries, children's books and out-of-print editions.

A donation of 20-plus newer cookbooks, like Bacon, 24/7, below, along with DVDs and audio books also will be available. 

Pipe Up
Bob Burke
Navy Medical Center San Diego Surf Clinic
On behalf of the Navy Medical Center San Diego Surf Clinic, (which occurs every Thursday at the main lifeguard station as a therapy for injured service people) we’d like to sincerely thank the long term assistance that the City of Del Mar Lifeguards have provided. Led by the amazing Pat Vergne, the lifeguards have helped in every way imaginable- safety, setup, equipment, as well as being warm and welcoming to patients and volunteers alike for well over 5 years. 
Watermark Workshops
Watermark Del Mar
Public Workshop #1
Thursday, March 10
6:00-8:00 pm
Public Workshop #2
Thursday, March 24
6:00-8:00 pm
The Watermark Del Mar team invites you to attend one of the following public workshops to learn more about the project and provide your input. These workshops offer the public focused project information and an opportunity for comment and input, as well as discussion and engagement with the project team. They are part of the public outreach effort that was outlined in the Specific Plan process, approved by the City Council in mid-2014.
Both workshops will be held at L’Auberge Del Mar, 1540 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA.
Stoning of
Torrey Pines State Beach
Photos Virginia Lawrence

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more pictures of the stones inside

March Print Issue


Tree Dichotomy
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We seem to have a love-hate relationship with our trees. Certainly we cherish Del Mar’s heavily treed environment. Our urban forest provides us with enormous benefits. Trees keep our homes shaded and cool – saving energy; they clean our air, beautify our streets and yards, and sequester carbon emissions to combat climate change; they prevent soil erosion, save water and prevent runoff pollution; they create a canopy and habitat for birds and other wildlife; and, they can provide screening and privacy from our neighbors.

Then, again, trees can sometimes be not only a nuisance but also a real danger.



March Print Issue

Center fold

Top Trees
Mary Friestedt
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The last storm in Del Mar was terrifying -- with giant Eucalyptus and Torrey Pine trees crashing on houses and garages and causing major damage in our precious town. This is the perfect time to rethink our trees. In fact, City Council considers all Eucalyptus trees undesirable and residents can now apply for a permit to remove them without having to pay a fee.

It is time to replace them with smaller trees! When choosing a tree, think about its ultimate size and water requirements. A fabulous book to help you find the perfect tree for your garden is Ornamental Trees for Mediterranean Climates: the Trees of San Diego by Don Walker and Steve Brigham. There are 260 trees discussed in the book, all with photographs, but here are 15 of the best for our town -- all beautiful, drought tolerant, and with an ultimate height or 25’ or less.


March Print Issue

Center fold

Tree Doc
Nancy Fisher
Click on photo to enlarge.
Have you ever wished Superman could use his X-ray vision on that huge tree in your yard to see if it was healthy or if it was about to fall and crush your Toyota? If so, there’s a new pro in town who can help you out.

Bruce Allison, a San Diego native who recently started splitting his time between Del Mar and Verona, WI, is an internationally recognized expert in advanced technology in tree decay detection and tree risk assessment. So, along with the City’s other fine arborists, Bruce brings the specialty of Tomography, which produces computer generated pictures representing wood density changes in a tree trunk cross section. Think of it as similar to a Sonogram, but instead measuring the time it takes sound waves to propagate through wood. Since sound waves pass more quickly through solid wood than decayed wood, Bruce can produce an image that reveals the location and magnitude of internal defects.


March Print Issue

Center fold

City Tree Tending
DM Mayor Sherryl L. Parks
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Del Mar uses West Coast Arborists to tend our trees. Presently the city has a total of 1408 trees. West Coast Arborists have a computer program which tells us the exact location of each of our trees; the type of tree it is; the height/width of the tree; and the general condition of that tree. We are now able to record the last time the tree had been treated, trimmed or whatever was needed to maintain its health.

The city’s trees are trimmed and monitored on a rotating basis with the village divided into 3 separate areas. Each area gets full treatment and this year the city will tend to the 443 trees on Stratford Court from 15th St. to 4th Streets and the Del Mar North Hill off 15th Street.


March Print Issue
Friends Seeking FRIENDS

Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley, a non-profit organization of environmental activists founded in 1986, is seeking new members to our board of directors. Our all-volunteer board monitors development in the River Valley, advocating for protection of the valley as well as educating the public about the need for conservation of its rich natural and cultural heritage. We actively supported establishment of the San Dieguito River Park with its 55-mile Coast to Crest Trail. We lobbied for restoration of the Gand Avenue Bridge and contributed the visitor signage at that popular overlook on San Dieguito Drive. The need for monitoring these natural resources is ongoing. A board member commits to one meeting a month in addition to reading agenda packets or attending various agency meetings. We welcome you to join us at monthly meetings every fourth Monday at 7 p.m in the Annex. Or visit our website for more information.
March Print Issue
REMEMBERING an Environmental Activist
Margaret Schlesinger

The first mayor of Solana Beach, Margaret Schlesinger, passed away on February 9. She will also be remembered for her environmental activism. “The message she left with me was that if you are an environmental activist, you have to win these battles over and over,” her son said. “If you are a developer, you only have to win them once.”
excerpt from UT, 02/12/16
March Print Issue

Ad Hoc Development Review Board Citizens Advisory Committee
will meet once in March.
Tuesday, March 15 the Committee will meet from 6pm to 7:30pm in the City Hall Annex.

Friends of the Dm Library
More than 200 books priced between $3 and $10 will be available. Join the conversation
and enjoy a free coffee as you browse.
Saturday, March 19, 11am—3pm.
Historic Flooding
City Requests Info
City of Del Mar

As part of the City’s preparation for a Local Coastal Program Amendment to address the effects of sea-level rise, storm surge and coastal flooding, information is being collected on past flooding events that have occurred in Del Mar.  This information will be used as part of a Vulnerability Assessment under preparation by Environmental Science Associates (ESA), the City’s consultant to assist with our work program.

If you have any information on historic flooding in the City that you could share, please fill out this questionnaire, include any supplemental photos or other information you might have, and submit it back to us at or drop-off at City Hall attn. Joseph Smith. 

Information is needed by end of the day Friday, March 4.
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