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Inside the October 2012 Sandpiper

pdf version of the October 2012 print issue

Extra copies of the Sandpiper are available at: City Hall, the Library, the Powerhouse, and the Carmel Valley Library; at The Gym at Del Mar and the Vet's Clinic on Jimmy Durante Blvd; at the  Solana Beach Library and the Solana Beach Community Center.

New Council Mix  Ann Gardner

EDITORIAL Double Vision

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

For and Against VSP

for : Why we should vote for the VSP  John Kerridge


against : Why I can’t vote for the VSP  Frank Chisari


for : Finally Del Mar can achieve its goals  Jim Watkins


against : Save Olde Del Mar  Tom McGreal


for : Ten reasons why I am voting for VSP
Terry Sinnott, Deputy Mayor


against : Sandpiper editorial challenge  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Community Home  Virginia Lawrence

For and Against Prop H

for H : Randy’s Story  Linda Strause


against H : Issues
Don Mosier, City Council Member

Roving Teen Reporter : Problems of Substance
Leila Zein-Phillipson

Out Damn Weeds Ann Gardner

NESTing in Del Mar
Nancy Fisher

Shot Shindig Virginia Lawrence

Featuring Del Mar  Sam Borgese

Lovin’ Music  Joanne Sharp

Richard Stark 1933-2012

San Onofre Sins  Don Mosier, City Council Member

Power in Powerhouse  Nancy Fisher

Fair settlement Finally?  Bud Emerson

Scaled Down Paseo?  Bob Fuchs

Other Election Issues

AA Schools for Del Mar  Mary Farrell


Classroom Politics  Dee Rich

Old Dog Young Vet
Shirley King




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The Village Specific Plan

Voters will decide on November 6 if the Village Specific Plan(VSP) is adopted. On these pages we have invited a variety of points of view
to help clarify voter choices.


Letters to Sandpiper

all letters about the VSP
Oct 25   Wayne Dernetz
Oct 25   Tom McGreal
Oct 25   Wayne Dernetz
Oct 25   Tim & Sara Senneff
Oct 25   Al Tarkington
Oct 24   H. Randall Stoke
Oct 24   Nancy Stoke
Oct 23   Louise Keeling
Oct 23 Dave Druker
Oct 23   Sam Borgese
Oct 23   Jim Coleman
Oct 22   John & Jill Coughlin
Oct 22   Charlie Khoury
Oct 22   Marilyn & Randy Stoke
Oct 22   Alice Winn
Oct 20   Harriett & Manek Wadia
Oct 20   Hershell Price
Oct 20   Dave Druker
Oct 19   Linda Rock
Oct 19   Scott Linton
Oct 19   Ann Dempsey
Oct 18   George Conkwright
Oct 18   Rick Ehrenfeld
Oct 18   Karen Lockwood
Oct 17   Wayne Dernetz
Oct 17   Richard Simons
Oct 16   Lani Sipe Curtis
Oct 16   Charles Brinton
Oct 16   Nancy Stoke
Oct 16   Jen Grove - DMVA
Oct 16   Joe & Charlie Hoar
Oct 16   Diane Salyer
Oct 15   Kathryn Brinton
Oct 15   Karla Leopold
Oct 15   George Webb
Oct 15   Wayne Dernetz
Oct 15   Linda Holland
Oct 15   Sandy Anglin
Oct 15   Carol Arnold
Oct 15   Linda Chisari
Oct 15   Kipp Downing
Oct 15   Brooke Eisenberg-Pike
Oct 15   Howard Gad
Oct 15   Marnie Mahoney
Oct 15   Susan Frazar
Oct 15   Sarah Dubin-Vaughn
Oct 15   Hershell Price
Oct 15   Susan Schneider
Oct 15   Barbara Stegman
Oct 15   Dave and Jan Ulrey
Oct 15   Karl Newmeyer
Oct 15   Mary Lee Moser
Oct 15   Rick Ehrenfeld
Oct 14   Frank Chisari
Oct 13   Jen Grove - DMVA
Oct 12   Jim Watkins
Oct 11   Wayne Dernetz
Oct 11   Jen Grove
Oct 10   Jen Grove
Oct 08   Maneck Wadia
Oct 08   Tensia Trejo
Oct 08   Richard Anglin
Oct 08   Dave Druker
Oct 08   Henry Abarbanel
Oct 05   Ted Middleton
Oct 04   Howard Gad
Oct 04   Harriett Wadia
Oct 04   Pat and John Giebink
Oct 03   Ralph Peck
Sept 26 Richard Earnest and Crystal Crawford
Sept 26   KC Vafiadis
Aug0 8   Dennis Mulligan 
July 19   William D. Daniel 
July 08   Justin Kulongoski 

Facts & Opinions

FOR Kerridge | Watkins | Sinnott
AGAINST Chisari | McGreal | Eisenberg-Pike

Facts & Opinions
September issue

Survey Split | VSP Evolution | It Will Work
It Won’t Work | Need To Know
Parking Perplexes

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Breaking News
posted 10/18/12
FAIR bOARD Offers to Share Oversight
Surprising Proposal By Del Mar Fair Board and Governor

Bud Emerson

The Fair Board has made a dramatic proposal to the Board of Supervisors "for some form of partnership for the operational oversight of the San Diego County Fairgrounds. This association would bring enhanced local control to the Fairgrounds while serving to protect the interests of all the communities of San Diego County."

In an October 12 letter to Chairman Roberts, Board President Adam Day says they have "had preliminary discussions with the Governor's Office and it is our joint desire to see a partnershp" between the Fair Board and the County, "the ideal model for leadership." Day further states this would "not create any financial or legal burden for the County...but rather serve to provide local control and leadership for this valuable community asset." Day says this idea comes from discussions about models "that would lead to enhance local governance" of all 54 fairgrounds in the state.

The letter was forwarded to the Sandpiper directly from Adam Day and calls for discussions to be opened with the County to flesh out how such a partnership would operate.

Save the DAte
posted 10/10//12
Season Four
Sun, Nov 4 - Opening reception

Fall is finally here!  Come and join us as we celebrate the change in seasons and the change in art at our Fall Opening Reception, Sunday November 4th, 4-8 PM.  Thirty-six local artists are showing new work inspired by all the things that make life worth living, including extended collections by our six featured artists:  Terry Scott Allen (photographer), Gabrielle Benot (painter), Bob Coletti (Photo Illustrator), Marie Louise Dautzenberg (painter), Donna Klipstein (mosaics) and Mark Sherman (watercolors).  Come and meet our newest members, Karen Aschenbrenner and Maidy Morhous.  We are your gallery for local fine art.  Come and join the fun!  Refreshments served.  Live music performed by Yuki Sakata.  

Save the DAte
posted 10/10//12
New Fire Engine

Sat, Nov 3

The Del Mar Fire Department is hosting an “Open House/Ribbing Cutting” for our new fire engine.  The event will begin at 11:00 and finish at approximately 2:00.  They will be grilling food, unveiling our new Pierce PUC fire engine, giving fire station tours, and will have other organizations participating in disaster preparedness and fire prevention activities.  Everyone is welcome!   flyer>>

Pipe Up
posted 10/10//12
Free advice
Gordon Clanton, Oakridge Cove

Free advice for Republicans.  Republicans would do well to heed the warning about the religious right voiced in 1994 by Senator Barry Goldwater:  “If and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem.  more>>

Save the Date
posted 09/13/12
Staying alive: cpr
Oct 24th from 1:00- 4:00, at the Del Mar Annex

Are you able to recognize when someone needs life-saving help? …and then do you feel comfortable taking the steps to reach out and help them?

Once again, the approved procedure for giving CPR has been changed to make it easier and more effective. 

Del Mar Community Connections with Del Mar CERT is sponsoring the second class in the series “Staying Alive” which will review the most recent CPR changes, teach us how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and give us hands on time to practice.

This class is free and will be taught by the Del Mar Firemen on Oct 24th from 1:00- 4:00, at the Del Mar Annexflyer

Please RSVP with Heather at DMCC, 858 792-7565

October Print Issue

New Council Mix
Ann Gardner

The three Del Mar City Council candidates, Don Mosier (incumbent), Sherryl Parks, and Al Corti, are running unopposed for the three City Council seats opening up in December. Carl Hilliard and Mark Filanc whose terms expire at the end the year are not seeking a second term, and Councilmembers Lee Haydu and Terry Sinnott’s terms of office run until 2014.   more>>

October Print Issue

EDITORIAL : Double Vision

Regarding the Village Specific Plan (VSP), Prop J on the ballot, Sandpiper editors are a representation of a divided community. Usually we can find a consensus to write an editorial. Not so this month. We have all studied the VSP carefully and come to different conclusions about its merits. It seems we are all looking at the same movie but seeing different pictures, plots, and outcomes.


October Print Issue

Shot Shindig
Virginia Lawrence

Chuck Newton getting his DMCC flu shot in 2001. 
Courtesy Bud Emerson.
How the DMCC flu shot clinic started here
October Print Issue

Community Home
Virginia Lawrence

WHEN LARRY BROOKS tore down the dry walL in the storage room of the former DMUSD Administration Building on 9th Street, he was astonished to uncover a row of coat hooks only 3 feet off the floor and only 6 inches apart – shades of the kindergarten built there in 1950.  Among those who feted the new Del Mar Community Building on August 28 were many whose memories of the premises dated back to their own kindergarten days. One of the Sandpiper editors, Nancy Fisher, can remember unrolling her blankie beneath the tall windows on the 9th Street side for her daily nap.  


October Print Issue

for proposition H : Randy’s Story
  Linda Strause
In April of 2008 I awoke thinking about the dinner party my husband and I were planning. Plans changed when Randy, 58, remarked that he “just didn’t feel right.” Within one week we received his diagnosis; incurable brain cancer.  Randy and I, along with our two sons Tyler and Brendon, embarked on a new reality, a journey with no maps and only one end.   more>>
October Print Issue

Out Damn Weeds
Ann Gardner
By all accounts Del Mar’s Weed Abatement program to reduce fire hazard in our community is a success. The number of properties identified as at risk of fueling wild fires fell by 50% in the program’s second year, and a quarter of that number passed re-inspection within a week.  more>>
October Print Issue

NESTing in Del Mar
Nancy Fisher

Del Mar Community Connections, in their ongoing mission to help residents live safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible, has introduced the Neighborhood Emergency Support Team (NEST) program.
An extension of the “Are You Ready, Del Mar?” disaster preparedness program, led by DMCC board member Carol Kerridge, NEST is designed to find volunteers (one primary, and one backup) who are available to help a mobility-impaired neighbor in the event of a disaster.

October Print Issue

Featuring del Mar
  Sam Borgese
The defining features of Del Mar: an unrivaled beach with a view across the Pacific ocean to a horizon of unparalleled displays of dusk, the starlit sky at night and the ebb and flow of surf; wizened sandstone bluffs and canyons abounding with miniature ecosystems; trees, shrubs, wild and cultivated flora of every kind, and minute worlds of ground cover blanketing the ground; a race track, fairgrounds, railroad and bridges hugging two lagoons, and the village street patterns: its commercial grid and winding residential roads stamped on by Taylor, Kirkhoff and the original developers of the area-with echoes of its architecture mixed today with that of the various generations in its more than 125 year history.    more>>
October Print Issue

Richard Stark 1933-2012

Local architect Dick Stark died last month. A graduate of Berkeley’s School of Architecture, Dick moved his practice and family to Del Mar in 1971 serving on the city’s Design Review Board, Planning Commission and the Del Mar 2000 Committee. He was a founding member of the Palomar Chapter of the American
Institute of Architects and will be honored with a scholarship in his name. He enjoyed working with City Planning staff, walking on the beach, and admiring the trees in Del Mar which reminded him of his Berkeley roots. He was 79 years old.

October Print Issue

Power in Powerhouse
  Nancy Fisher

If you’ve been to an event at Del Mar’s Powerhouse Community Center you’ve probably noticed Barbara Zucker, standing quietly in the background, always ready to jump in to solve any problem that might occur. In fact during this interview, when someone playing Bridge spilled coffee on the floor, she speedily and graciously took care of it and returned within minutes. 


October Print Issue

Scaled Down Paseo?
  Bob Fuchs
A recent email sent to people known to oppose the proposed One Paseo project promoted one of the candidates for San Diego District 1 City Council by saying the candidate believes in a “scaled down version” of the project.

The most obvious question about this quoted phrase is “scaled down by how much?” The answer, unfortunately, cannot readily be found in the project’s 4,500+ page Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)   more>>

October Print Issue

Old Dog Young Vet
Shirley King

Bringing up our dog, Penny, from puppyhood was filled with many joyous moments and delightful surprises with her evolving personality and native abilities. She became intoxicated with tirelessly chasing any ball at high speed. She matched that intensity with her loyalty and unabashed love for us. Bringing her down now at age thirteen with a spinal cord tumor that will eventually undermine her ambulation is fraught with deep grief and many agonized decisions.    more>>

full archive going back to December 2007

readers' comments

08/08 ... a demonstration project was not planned, no questions were asked about the cost of the planDennis Mulligan  more>>

07/19 ... I appreciate the work and effort done by the planners bringing forth the proposed Village Plan, but the plan is an overreach.  William D. Daniel  more>>

07/08 ... Call it revitalization or redevelopment; our main street may soon be transformed in ways that will redefine the character of Del Mar.   Justin Kulongoski  more>>

06/24 ... We, are so proud of each one of you lifeguards, and you Pat Vergne ...  Chiquita Abbott  more>>

05/01 ... Just curious ... Is the article by Art Olson published on April 1, 2012 an April Fool’s Day joke or is it real?  Claudia Job Kennedy    more>>

05/01 ... Such a manifestation of a “Del Mar Correctional Center” is certainly a “brain #@*&” of huge proportions... simply ghastly!  Richard White.  more>>

04/08 ... Since Camino Del Mar acts as an alternative bypass when there is an accident or similar  blockage on I-5, how will the increased traffic be handled through Del Mar?   Don Coordt   more>>

04/08 ... Ostensibly, the "revitalization" of the commercial area has been relentlessly pushed over the past 10 years by various interests, many of which are not even community residents.  Ralph Reisner  more>>

03/30 ... Configure Camino del Mar as a one-lane one-way road with the direction changing every two hours  Bruce Astarita  more>>

03/30 ... I wonder why you keep publishing garbage like that “Ask Dr. Rich” column. Come on, his answers seldom seem to have anything to do with the questions.   Dick Silsby  more>>

03/30 ... I recently attended a City Council meeting where the Planning Director made a presentation on the development standards that are being proposed for the Village Specific Plan. Mark Stuckelman  more>>

03/30 ... Kudos to the Del Mar Garden Club for donating Frank Mando’s ‘Flock of Birds’ sculpture to the City.  Virginia Lawrence  more>>

02/01 ... In January 2012, the Del Mar School Board shut down a fully parent-funded Spanish program at Del Mar Heights School.  Katherine White more>>

01/14 ... Reading the Sandpiper editorial (here) you probably wonder what in the world Carl Hilliard is thinking. I certainly would from this dispatch except for one thing: The information isn’t true. ... Carl Hilliard   more>>

12/23 ... To borrow words from The Economist editorial writers, the idea is "barking mad" from their standpoint. ... Bob Ringland more>>

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