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Platform Derailed?
Dan Nore and Nancy Fisher

Opportunity Knocks EDITORIAL

News Leader Remembered John Kerridge

Chuck Chores Garry Shirts

Fearsome Fees Dick Murray

WIde-5 Dwight Worden

Planning LEEDer Hired Bud Emerson

Balboa Bucks  Dave Druker

Green Flash At Last! Jeanne Carney

Signs of Genius: recognized by MacArthur
Anthony Corso

Lee Haydu Listening  Lee Haydu

Terry Sinnott Listening  Terry Sinnott

Voter Power Bud Emerson

Plant Whisperer Dolores Davies

School Power Sherryl L. Parks

Film Fest Joe Sullivan

Del Mar Brush Way Art Olson

Fair Facts  Wayne Dernetz







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Opportunity Knocks EDITORIAL  more>>

Fair Facts | Wayne Dernetz  more>>

A Fair Buy | Laura DeMarco   more>>

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Platform derailed?
Dan Nore and Nancy Fisher


Del Mar residents organized a community meeting on October 14th inviting representatives from the City Council and North County Transit District (NCTD) to provide information about a new multi-million dollar train platform to serve the fairgrounds. The platform is planned for the residential neighborhood north of the tennis courts between 2lst and 24th streets, more than a half mile to the entrance of the fair.


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WEB ALERT: Del Mar Enemies Fight Back
posted November 21

Fairgrounds Board members, assembly member Martin Garrick, and their friends have launched a campaign to "help us save the fairgrounds from Del Mar control," i.e. Del Mar has "hatched a scheme to steal the cherished fairgrounds from the 3.5 million people of San Diego County." They are urging opponents of the sale to contact County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price at and State legislators through the fair's web site

Of course, supporters can exercise the same option.

WEB ALERT:  Fairgrounds Input Requested
Assemblyman Martin Garrick | 74th District
posted on the Sandpiper, November 14

Garrick Gazette | November, 2010 | Issue 11
Website: | Email:

Del Mar Fairgrounds - Tell Me What You Think

You may be aware that some local representatives want to allow the City of Del Mar to buy the state-owned Del Mar Fairgrounds for $120 million to help address California's budget deficit.

Built in 1936, the fairgrounds hosts the beloved San Diego County Fair. The fairgrounds are self-funded, generating more than $400 million annually in economic activity and creating 5,000 jobs. It also serves as an evacuation site for the region, sheltering thousands of residents and animals during recent wildfires.

Unlike the sale of other state property, selling the fairgrounds would be no ordinary transaction as it is one of San Diego County's prime attractions.

I support selling surplus state property that generates no revenue or serves as a drain on the state's budget. In the case of the fairgrounds, the state must ensure that the interests of local residents are protected. With so much at stake, any sale must take into account the region's needs in a transparent and accountable process.

I would like to hear from you. By clicking below and filling out the survey right away, your opinion will help shape the debate on the possible sale of the fairgrounds. Please take a few moments to make your voice heard.

Click the image below to take an important survey.

Please click on the image to take an important survey.


Updates: Pipe Up on the Fairgrounds

11/18 ... Del Mar and its neighbors are in the process of trying to get the best possible piece of the pie - i.e. - control of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, as offered by the State.  Ralph Peck.  more>>

11/17 ... Arguments against Del Mar obtaining control of the fairgrounds fall into two categories: Those from individuals enjoying a privileged existence within the existing power structure (who feel justifiably threatened by more-critical supervision), and those who just don't believe in public ownership of anything (think healthcare). Oh, plus such oddballs as our local Assemblyman, Martin Garrick (R), who automatically puts party loyalty above any thought of responsibility for the good of his constituents.  Carol & John Kerridge  more>>

11/14 ... The purpose of the Fairgrounds should be to celebrate the agricultural heritage of San Diego County, provide an incomparable destination for horse activities (both Thoroughbred and equestrian) and serve as the western anchor for the Coast to Crest trail.    Joe Sullivan.  more>>


Update: Wayside Horn Project
posted November 19

Dear Editor,

The Quiet Zone Committee is happy to report that the Wayside Horn Design Contract has finally been executed by the City and North County Transit District.  This agreement which was signed by both parties on November 15th, 2010, will begin the design process to determine just how the project will be constructed and is vital to determining the eventual cost of construction, which has been estimated to be approximately $275,000, including a contingency fee of around $80,000.00. 

We want to thank the Del Mar City Council members and staff for the support they have shown for the project over the past eighteen months.  The design phase has been privately funded by residents of Del Mar and should take approximately six weeks to complete. Once the final cost figures are known, we will commence our fundraising activities to pay for construction of the project.  We will keep you informed of our progress as we move forward.

Hershell Price

Signed Wayside Horn Design Contract with NCTD

WEB Exclusive
posted November 15

Western Sandpipers in the San Dieguito Lagoon 11/13/10.  Photo Paul Haydu.


from the November Print Issue

Election Coverage

Terry Sinnott - City Council Candidate

During this campaign I have had an opportunity to meet and talk with many of our residents. I have walked our streets, knocked on doors, and held over nine neighborhood meetings.


Lee Haydu - City Council Candidate

At neighborhood gatherings people talked about the larger issues in town. However, knocking on your doors you talked to me more about neighborhood issues.


voter Power
Bud Emerson

November 2 is election day, the final day to cast our ballots. Although the Sandpiper does not officially endorse candidates or measures, it is important that we consider the potential impacts of specific ballot decisions on our community. Here are several we think you should consider carefully.


Voter Guidelines
Jan McMillan in 1984

First, what happens on our borders has a powerful influence on our city. Increased traffic from all directions, air and water pollution, water shortages, etc., know no borders.


Web Exclusive
Chuck Newton—here’s looking at ya!
Henry Abarbanel

Chuck Newton passed away last month at 93 years of age. He was an intense person with a commitment to Del Mar that was a standard many of us sought to reach.  No one of us can live forever, but a few can make their mark endure: Chuck was of that quality.  more>>

Editor's note:  This piece did not appear in the print issue.

Web Exclusive
A Salute to Bill Teague, Del Mar’s Plant Whisperer
Dolores Davies

On September 29, Del Mar lost one of its most generous, kind-hearted, and creative residents—Bill Teague—who poured his heart and soul into the beautification of Del Mar. Bill was a plant whisperer and modern-day Johnny Appleseed, who designed gardens and landscapes throughout the city.

Editor's note:  This is the unabridged version of the piece published in the print edition of the Sandpiper. 



Web Exclusive
1984/Changes: Land Use Decisions in the Carmel and San Dieguito River Valleys

Jan McMillan, April 1984

posted 10.15.10

On March 20, [1984] the San Diego City Council debated land-use issues which critics claim could have far-reaching impacts on the river valleys both north and south of Del Mar. On the agenda that day, along with highly publicized "threshold hearings" for the La Jolla Valley and adjacent Artesian Trails developments, were threshold hearings for the San Dieguito Community Plan and Carmel Valley Neighborhood 8.


Editor's note: This piece appeared in the monthy column "Changes" of The Del Mar Spectator published by Jan McMillan in 1983 and 1984.


Film Fest
Joe Sullivan

Hundreds of families, many with children and some with dogs, enjoyed the first outdoor film screening at Shores Park on September 25. Organizers were blessed with a perfect summer evening.  more>>


Dramatic Skies Over the Powerhouse

Jeanne Carney, Don Coordt



Signs of Genius: recognized by MacArthur
Anthony Corso

Carol Padden, a Del Mar resident and scholar of sign languages at the University of California has been named a 2010 MacArthur Fellow, and awarded what is commonly known as a “genius grant”-- $500,000 in “no strings attached” support over the next five years to pursue her personal and professional interests.


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readers' comments

11/18 ... Del Mar and its neighbors are in the process of trying to get the best possible piece of the pie - i.e. - control of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, as offered by the State.  Ralph Peck.  more>>

11/17 ... The idea that Del Mar is (a) too small, and (b) too poor to be able to oversee operations at the fairgrounds is absurd on its face, and insulting to boot.   Carol & John Kerridge.  more>>

11/14 ... I support the City¹s effort to purchase the Fairgrounds property for the following reasons.   Joe Sullivan.  more>>

10/27 ...  I am sorry that Sherryl Parks' article on the School Board race did not mention that Steve McDowell is the only candidate who lives in the City of Del Mar.    Joe Sullivan.  more>>

10/27 ...  This is Del Mar’s once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to help the state solve its budget woes, preserve the mission of the Fairgrounds and better align its governance with our community.   Laura DeMarco  more>>

10/26 ..We should be proud of our great schools, because they show how well our district is fulfilling its duty to educate students.  This is especially true because we do not “teach to the test”.   Katherine White   more>>

10/17 ... "I'm not sure anybody would want to spend time looking at it [purchase of the fairgrounds] one way or the other."  Ralph Peck  more>>

10/04 ... If I had come to such a place, with one gas station left, I would have filled my car's gas tank and left.  Tensia Moriel Trejo   more>>

09/29 ... No one would ever know that it was not part of the original plan.  Hershell Price  more>>

09/29 ... For some reason, apartment complexes are considered “Commercial” rather than “Residential,” even though they are clearly residences. Why is that?  Hershell Price  more>>

09/02 ... Burning the candle at both ends can have potentially disastrous results if one does not pay close attention to one's actions.    Heather Glenn  more>>


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Fire House
  The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
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Fri, Nov 5
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  Jazzed Up About Our Kids
Del Mar Heights School Fundraiser
Sat, Nov 6
Torrey Pines HS
  2010 HOPE RIDE in the River Park
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy
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Sun, Nov 28
Crest Canyon
  Habitat Restoration
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy  
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Sun, Dec 12
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  Children's Holiday Party
Del Mar Foundation Children's Committee
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