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One Lane South by Bud Emerson

We Get What We Train For (Guest Editorial) by Dwight Worden

Bullet Train on Slow Track by Dave Druker

Winning Water Waste War by David Scherer and Joe DeStefano

Student Recycling Sleuth by Keaton Lispon

Utility Undergrounding Surprise by Art Olson. UPDATE: undergrounding project delayed for at least 3 months while consultant helps coordinating committee find a way to lower costs.

Pipe Up: Lawsuit Frivolity by Justin Kulongoski

Pipe Up: Pickens Suit in the Union-Tribune by John Kerridge

Pipe Up: City Sued Over View Restoration by Larry Brooks

Pipe Up: The Little Hershell that Could by Jim and Bernadette Watkins

Del Mar $ Ups and Downs by Bud Emerson

Friends Indeed! by Peter Kaye

Your Next Great Love by Barbara Mandel Pache

Farmer Scholarships by Nicole Holliday

Del Mar Hills SOS by Beth Westburg

Fairgrounds: Pave Paradise by Pam Slater-Price

Fairgrounds: Mission Forgotten by Dawn Rawls

Horseracing Must Jockey by Carl Hilliard

Privatizing City Council? by Bud Emerson

A History of First Thursdays by Lynn Gaylord

Reviewing the DRB, Part II by Anthony Corso

Form-Based Code by Howard Gad

Crest Canyon Clutter by Ann Gardner

Reduced Torrey Pines Bridge Costs by Crystal Crawford

Council Bits by Dave Druker

Waste Not a press release from the Regional Solid Waste Association

A PLAGUE on Expansion by Ann Gardner.  UPDATE: Town Hall meeting postponed until more information is provided by Caltrans at the I-5/SR-56 Connector meeting.

Fire Coöp by Richard Earnest





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Utility Undergrounding Surprise by Art Olson

SDG&E cabling costs could bring total undergrounding bill to $11 Million and average assessments to $24,000.


UPDATE  10/30/09  Del Mar's 350-resident undergrounding project delayed for at least 3 months while consultant helps coordinating committee find a way to lower costs.

Del Mar North Hills Undergrounding Project

One Lane South | Bud Emerson

This pilot program calls for temporary restriping of the southbound portion of CDM to reduce traffic to one lane between 15th and 12th Streets.   more>>



UPDATE 11/10/09 

San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy Begins Riparian Restoration Project to Benefit Endangered Bird Species    more>>

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Mission Forgotten | Dawn Rawls

This is Fig 3.5 from the Fairgrounds draft EIR showing a proposed aerial view of the Fairgrounds after implementation of the Master Plan. Note the convention center complex of hotel and exhibit halls along the river’s edge. That continuous stucco wall of buildings is 50 feet high with taller towers, wide enough for 3 full-size, rooftop sports fields and is as long as the race track.   more>>


Friends Indeed! | Peter Kaye

The Friends of Del Mar Library [...] gave $50,000 last year to supplement a $200,000 appropriation by the county for a new community room, which already is attracting a variety of users.
Now, the Friends are joining with the city and Garden Club to improve the exterior.



Waste Not | A press release from the Regional Solid Waste Association

RSWA formed a public/private partnership [which] paved the way for tremendous savings for the customers in all six cities. “The savings to our citizens has been significant due to the efforts of RSWA”, said RSWA Vice Chairman Mike Nichols, Mayor of Solana Beach.   more>>


Farmer Scholarships | Nicole Holliday

Just this year the Del Mar Farmers Market awarded eight scholarships to students who are part of the Del Mar Farmers Market family.  “For over 15 years our farmers market has granted nearly a 100 scholarships. With the constant increase in costs associated with higher education, any financial assistance can make a big difference.”    more>>


Horseracing Must Jockey | Carl Hilliard

At Internet gambling’s first flush, horseracing was happy with the status quo. Today, given the extreme drop in the on-track handle, many horse people are of the opinion that fixed odds betting machines will save the day.  [...]  Horseracing in California must jockey for a share of the big bettors, the bread and butter of gambling. Match betting is the way to go.    more>>


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Lawsuit Frivolity - Justin Kulongoski
Pickens Suit in the Union-Tribune - John Kerridge
City Sued Over View Restoration - Larry Brooks
The Little Hershell that Could - Jim and Bernadette Watkins
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