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EDITORIAL: No Drought Doubt

Bud Emerson and Ann Gardner

News Updates 
Bud Emerson

Round and Round We Go!
Jeff Barnouw

Ask Dr. Rich 
Rich Simons

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Scott Renner

COMMENTARY: Cycle Citation
Ira Sharp

Housing For All:
From Sacramento to Watermark on Jimmy Durante

Bud Emerson

On Your Mark
Bud Emerson

Design Do-Over
Bud Emerson

Designers Designated
Don Mosier

Virginia Lawrence

Roving Teen Reporter:
Not Disneyland
Leah Gans

Reluctant Compromise
Jacqueline Winterer

Book Corner:
Secret ID Question

Virginia Lawrence

Short Takes on Film
Ben Nyce

A Place In The Sun
Shirley King

Locavores' Delight: Strawberry Soup  Daresse Webb

No Hog Here!
Neighborhood Jewel with a Surprise

Karen Lockwood


































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Pipe up
100% correct
PIPE UP in response to Scott Renner’s Commentary in the May 2015 issue: Air Assault.  Sandpiper May 2015 article here

I think [Scott Renner] is 100% correct. I won't go into the details with my
experience because I know and like the owners of the home involved.
Suffice it to say that with the owners living elsewhere this was a
years long series of one and two week rentals. The main problem being
overflowing trash/garbage cans that often failed to get to the street
for pickup and additional noise.

Incidentally, you may find that some owners consider that they "can
rent to anyone they damn well please" - whenever they please.

D.B. Shelton, Seaview Avenue

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Pipe Up
No More Signs !!!
PIPE UP in response to Ira Sharp's Commentary in the May 2015 issue: Cycle Citation
Sandpiper May 2015 article here

We don't need more sign clutter.  We don't need separate signs telling cyclists to stop at stop signs.  As a long time cyclist, I'm well aware that it is illegal to run a stop sign on a bike anywhere in California.  Having ridden with many local groups, I can also convey that local cyclists are well aware that the stop signs in Del Mar are well patrolled by sheriffs who love to hand out tickets to cyclists.  I'm not adverse to slowly rolling through a stop sign when I have great visibility in all directions and see no potential hazards.  It's a pain to constantly stop, click out of your pedals, click back in and start up again.  But you better believe I fully stop at every sign in Del Mar and I'm fine with that.

I do however have a problem with the inordinate amount of attention and resources that are being dedicated to this issue.  There are much greater risks to public safely than cyclists rolling through stop signs.  Crossing Camino Del Mar at 12th Street crosswalk is a near death experience.  I would estimate that cars fail to stop 80% of the time I cross despite having pushed the button to start the flashing lights.  I would love to see more enforcement resources dedicated to ticketing cars that fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.  It's only a matter of time until there is another tragic accident.

Mark Stuckelman, Luneta Drive

Help Move San Diego Forward! Now is Your Chance to Weigh in on SANDAG’s Regional Plan
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Original Sandpiper article in May 2014 here
First Thursdays sky

Before the May 7 First Thursdays Concert. 
Photo Bill Morris.
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May Print Issue
Front Page

No Drought Doubt

The Drought is real, and drastic action by us all is critical. All of California is under a mandate to reduce water usage by 25%. In the ensuing weeks, the City of Del Mar needs to determine how to apply this mandate. A simple cut for everyone of 25% is unfair and could be dangerous to people who are using less than the average amount per person.
Some facts:
1. Between 50 and 60% of water countywide is used for irrigation.
2. The largest water users in Del Mar are:
a. The City of Del Mar
b. The Fairgrounds c. The various commercial hotels


May Print Issue
Front Page

Del Mar’s Water Where?
Calendar Year 2013

Single-Family Residential (532 Acre Foot)
Multi-Family Residential (146 AF)
Commercial, Institutional, Industrial (123AF)
Fairgrounds (127 AF)
Landscaping-Only Meters (111 AF)
City - Indoor - includes beach services (7 AF)
City - Landscaping/Parks (21 AF)
Other (3 AF)

An acre-foot is about 325,900 gallons – roughly enough to submerge an entire football field a foot deep. It’s approximately the supply used by two single-family households of four people for a year.

Source: Sustainability Advisory Board, April 23, 2015 Water Supply Outlook and Water Conservation Plan.

May Print Issue
Last Page

No Hog Here!
Neighborhood Jewel with a Surprise
Karen Lockwood

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To drive by it is not enough. This remarkable garden invites one to walk slowly thinking about the beauty, complexity, colors, textures, mystery, leaf sizes and shapes, statuary and subtle allusions rooms. There is no design name for this kind of garden with 400 closely planted varieties.



May Print Issue
Shot in Del Mar
La Jolla Half Marathon Sunday, April 26
Photo Bill Morris
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May Print Issue
Water Wise Tips:
Leak Detectors
Click on image to enlarge.
Check your water meter regularly. Locate your meter by lifting the concrete or metal lid that covers the meter. If none of the water in your house and yard is being used (including the ice-maker), then the meter’s leak detector, which in the photo is the triangle, should not be moving.

May Print Issue
Quick Fix for Cyclists
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Transnet funds have been used to purchase and install three Bicycle “Fixit” Repair Stations. The locations are City Hall, 17th Street Beach and Safety Center. The Fixit includes tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools are attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners.
May Print Issue
Countdown to Zero Waste 2020
Looking for a permanent E-waste Recycling and Resale Center that properly recycles these products in California - not in landfills or in developing countries - and where funds raised go toward scholarships, GO TO
The University of San Diego E-Waste Recycling and Resale Center,
5330 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92110
Monday-Saturday 9 am to 4 pm/Wednesday 9 am to 6pm
(The center is located in an industrial complex below the school’s west entrance, off Linda Vista Road.)

16th Annual Lawnmower Trade-in Event
Help our gardeners get rid of their gas lawn mowers!
8:00 am to 12 pm (until 650 are distributed)
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Qualcomm Stadium, 9449 Friars Road, San Diego 92018
Trade-in mowers must be in working order, and all gas and oil should be drained. The new mowers are Black and Decker Model CM1939, 36 volt cordless, rechargeable capable of mulching and bagging. 2-year factor warranty. Cost $99.

December Print Issue
Take a Turn
City Advisory Committee Vacancies April

The City is currently soliciting for interested persons to fill the following committee vacancies:
  • Business Support Advisory Committee
    Two (2) Vacancies – (1) Retail Establishment Representative and (1) Hotel Owner/Operator Representative
  • Design Review Board
    One (1) Vacancy
  • Parks and Recreation Committee
    Two (2) Upcoming Vacancies
  • Planning Commission
    One (1) Current Vacancy
    Two (2) Upcoming Vacancies
  • Sea-Level Rise Stakeholder-Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)
    Nine (9) Vacancies

If you wish to volunteer, please contact City Hall:
(858) 755-9313

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