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Amazing Adam  Art Olson

EDITORIAL VSP - Ready for Prime Time?

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Super In ‘N’ Out  Sherryl L. Parks

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

About Revitalization



About DevelopmentTom McGreal


About Changes  Kathy Garcia, City of Del Mar


Park About  Tom McGreal


About Roundabouts  Bud Emerson


About Paying  Scott Huth and Mark Delin, City of Del Mar

Monster of the Lagoon  Jeffrey Barnouw

Beach Safety Center Grand Opening   Virginia Lawrence

Student Summer Sampler  Leila Z-P, Torrey Pines High School Junior

City Council Needs YOU!  Sherryl L. Parks

Flag Felicity  Nancy Fisher

This I Believe…  Paige Blaire, Rector of St. Peter’s ESpiscopal Church, Del Mar

A BID Bet  Sherryl L. Parks

Seams Good  Sherryl L. Parks

City Slams One Paseo

I-5/SR56 Mess
letter from Torrey Pines Community Planning Board to CALTRANS

Open Air Classroom
Jeffrey Barnouw

Pot P0litics  Dave Druker

Nuke Nervousness
Donald Mosier - Councilmember, City of Del Mar




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Amazing Adam
Art Olson

If you like the character of the Del Mar’s built environment, you might think about thanking Senior Planner, Adam Birnbaum for the effort and expertise that he’s put into the City’s development over the past 23 years. Not only is Adam the institutional memory of our Planning Department, he has drafted more Del Mar land use ordinances than any other City employee. In addition to his work behind scenes, he is a familiar face clearly explaining projects and presenting analyses at the televised Planning Commission, Design Review Board, and City Council meetings, many of which go late into the night. When asked about the long hours, he extols the unique character of Del Mar and its involved citizenry as his motivation and love of his job.  more>>


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posted 08/025/12
DMVA and old DMHS seek to go separate ways

At the August 23rd meeting of the Del Mar Village Association (DMVA) Board of Directors, a motion was made and passed to form an ad hoc committee to facilitate the "un-merging" of DMVA and the old Del Mar Historical Society (DMHS).

These two entities merged in July 2010.  Apparently, the old guard members from DMHS do not believe the merger has lived up to their expectations and are seeking more autonomy.  This ad hoc committee will hammer out the details of a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that the "un-merging" satisfies the IRS's requirements for non-profits.  contributed by Virgnia Lawrence

Pipe Up
posted 08/08/12
VSP: No Demonstration project

To the Editors:

I attended the 7-30 city council meeting, the results of the slanted survey were discussed, the findings showed the plan to be pass or fail within the margin of error. The consensus seeming for a postponment till 2013  or later.

I find it interesting with all the time and money spent,  a demonstration project was not planned, no questions were asked about the cost of the plan, roundabouts and developing one lane, both in Project hard costs and loss in sales tax income.

Should not the voters decide if the cost when revealed, could be better spent on the bettering, beautifying the existing layout, or on a downtown Encinitas approach, say with allowing the development density increases and allocate where the new parking will be designated? Certainly  a valid areas for voter discussion.

Dennis Mulligan, 7th Street

Pipe Up
posted 07/19/12
VSP: Thank you for the hard work, but...!

To the Editors:

I appreciate the work and effort done by the planners bringing forth the proposed Village Plan, but the plan is an overreach, having the potential to destroy the village we have all come to love and enjoy.


(1) Traffic has to move through Del Mar. It is apparent that four lanes are better than two.
(2) Roundabouts are not safe for a heavy mix of pedestrians and motor vehicles, they pit the pedestrian vs car.  The traffic light is still the best for safety, giving a definite, when to stop, and when to go.
(3)  Raising the building height to 26 feet west of El Camino Real will destroy views, especially just north of the hotel and plaza.
 (4)  The plan is based in favor of business.  Lets remember, Del Mar is a good place to live, don`t lose it.

Sincerely, William D. Daniel, Luneta Drive

posted 07/17/12
Beach safety Center
Video from Del Mar TV
posted 07/08/12

City Survey
Your Input needed!

The City is conducting a survey to assess attitudes toward the downtown revitalization plan known as the "Village Specific Plan" (VSP). Each voter should receive a letter from Scott Huth, Del Mar City Manager explaining how to go online to complete the survey. In addition, a select sample of voters will be interviewed by phone. 

The results of this survey will be used by the Council on August 6 to determine what to place on the ballot, and when to hold the election.

The survey asks questions about the key elements of the VSP. The entire plan is on the City website at  

This issue contains information and opinions about the VSP. 

About Village SPECIFIC PLAN  Anthony Corso


About DevelopmentTom McGreal


About Changes  Kathy Garcia, City of Del Mar


Park About  Tom McGreal


About Roundabouts  Bud Emerson


About Paying  Scott Huth and Mark Delin, City of Del Mar


July Print Issue

Beach Safety Center

A huge crowd turned out on Wednesday afternoon, June 27, to dedicate the new Beach Safety Center and to acknowledge those whose vision, persistence, and generosity have made it a reality.  Diners at the Poseidon Restaurant, one of many major contributors, hung over the railing of the terrace to watch. Even those who remained at their tables bowed over their plates could hardly have failed to be aware of the speeches and the constant applause.  more>>

Click here to see our photo preview posted
before the Grand Opening.
Save the Date
July Print Issue

Art on the Beach

WHO: Del Mar Art Center
WHAT: Summer Exposition Opening Reception
WHEN: July 20, 5-8 PM
WHERE: 1555 Camino Del Mar, Suite 112, Del Mar

Summer Expo celebrates our vibrant local beach scene through paintings, glass, ceramics, and sculpture. Don your beach attire and join the fun which includes music and light refreshments. Prize for best beach attire. Show runs through July 29th.

Dr. Rich
July Print Issue

Q: Now that the May Grey and June Gloom have fled, do you have any tips for beach goers? – r.n.

Of course! Let’s review a few rules from my popular monograph “Beach Strategies and Etiquette”:No. 1) Planning Ahead: Of course you will want to make reservations well in advance. Just call “California Department of Parks and Recreation” and follow the simple telephone tree that will lead you through “beaches”, “Southern California”, and “Del Mar”. If you have a little accent or speech impediment, choose the touch tone option.   more>>


July Print Issue

About Roundabouts
Bud Emerson

[...]  The most popular feature of complete streets is the roundabout to replace stop signs and stop lights. It is basically a one-way circle that gets drivers to yield before entering. It is usually paired with a “road diet” decreasing four lanes to two. The combination slows traffic to a steady pace instead of stop and start, reduces collisions, and opens up space for bikes and parking. And counter intuitively it increases the average traffic load capacity, which in Del Mar means a reduction of cut-through traffic on neighboring streets.  more>>

Monster of the Lagoon
Jeffrey Barnouw
July Print Issue

Undeveloped area (in the red box) to the north of the polo field.  Rancho Del Mar Continuing Care Retirement Community is planned for this area.  The high density development would trample the very low-density, open space zoning off Via de la Valle.   more>>

Student Summer Sampler
Leila Z-P, Torrey Pines High School Junior
July Print Issue

As the fog of June Gloom lifts and is replaced by the warm sunrays of summer solstice, the reality of summer vacation starts to sink in.   more>>

Pipe UP
Justin Kulongoski, Amphitheatre Drive
July Print Issue

La Jollaization of Del Mar?

posted 07/08/12

Look around and envision your future, your neighborhood and your village. Major changes to the Del Mar’s Adopted Community Plan have been proposed that have the potential to significantly alter our downtown. Call it revitalization or redevelopment; our main street may soon be transformed in ways that will redefine the character of Del Mar.   more>>

Flag Felicity
Nancy Fisher
July Print Issue

From Memorial Day on, one of the pleasures of summer is seeing all of the American flags, pennants, and wind socks festooning beach front homes and the rest of the city - but what were those pesky rules again? At the request of some beach colony residents, we checked into the U.S. Flag Code and offer these answers to the flag etiquette questions that have been keeping you awake at night.  more>>
Open Air Classroom
Jeffrey Barnouw
July Print Issue

Construction will begin next year on a Lagoon Trailside Open-Air Classroom for the San Dieguito River Park. The earlier designation ‘Amphitheater’ was changed to bring out its main purpose. A nickname based on its shape is being considered: ‘The Birdwing’. Proposed to be carved into the hillside slope between the upper and lower trails to the east of the future Lagoon Center, it will be about 1500 square feet, will be shaded and seat around 80 people.   more>>

This I Believe…
Paige Blaire
July Print Issue

When Anthony Corso asked me to write a This I Believe article for the Sandpiper, I agreed, but warned him that when you ask a priest to write about what she believes, well, it’ll likely have something to do with God. Learning more about this series, and its intent to reflect on our hopes for Del Mar as a community, was reassuring.


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readers' comments

07/08 ... Call it revitalization or redevelopment; our main street may soon be transformed in ways that will redefine the character of Del Mar.   Justin Kulongoski  more>>

06/24 ... We, are so proud of each one of you lifeguards, and you Pat Vergne ...  Chiquita Abbott  more>>

05/01 ... Just curious ... Is the article by Art Olson published on April 1, 2012 an April Fool’s Day joke or is it real?  Claudia Job Kennedy    more>>

05/01 ... Such a manifestation of a “Del Mar Correctional Center” is certainly a “brain #@*&” of huge proportions... simply ghastly!  Richard White.  more>>

04/08 ... Since Camino Del Mar acts as an alternative bypass when there is an accident or similar  blockage on I-5, how will the increased traffic be handled through Del Mar?   Don Coordt   more>>

04/08 ... Ostensibly, the "revitalization" of the commercial area has been relentlessly pushed over the past 10 years by various interests, many of which are not even community residents.  Ralph Reisner  more>>

03/30 ... Configure Camino del Mar as a one-lane one-way road with the direction changing every two hours  Bruce Astarita  more>>

03/30 ... I wonder why you keep publishing garbage like that “Ask Dr. Rich” column. Come on, his answers seldom seem to have anything to do with the questions.   Dick Silsby  more>>

03/30 ... I recently attended a City Council meeting where the Planning Director made a presentation on the development standards that are being proposed for the Village Specific Plan. Mark Stuckelman  more>>

03/30 ... Kudos to the Del Mar Garden Club for donating Frank Mando’s ‘Flock of Birds’ sculpture to the City.  Virginia Lawrence  more>>

02/01 ... In January 2012, the Del Mar School Board shut down a fully parent-funded Spanish program at Del Mar Heights School.  Katherine White more>>

01/14 ... Reading the Sandpiper editorial (here) you probably wonder what in the world Carl Hilliard is thinking. I certainly would from this dispatch except for one thing: The information isn’t true. ... Carl Hilliard   more>>

12/23 ... To borrow words from The Economist editorial writers, the idea is "barking mad" from their standpoint. ... Bob Ringland more>>

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