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July/August 2009 Sandpiper

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  For Del Mar's 50th Birthday the Sandpiper July/August issue has a whole panoply of retrospective articles:

Cafe Walls Divide Community  by Mark Whitehead

Hootenanny on Sand Barr Lane  by Gus Kriege

  Photo Gallery: The Way We Were - the Sandpiper Editorial Board in 1959

Unintended Consequences

We've Got Mail 

  Photo Gallery: The Way We Were - Olde Del Mar

  Fifty Years of Self Government  by Virginia Lawrence, Larry Brooks, Ann Gardner and others.

  Del Mar Civic Association by Frieda Reid

  Is Del Mar Different? You Betcha! by Bud Emerson

  Let's Celebrate 50 Years! by Lynn Gaylord

  100 Candles by Ann Gardner

  Zel Camiel by Sam Borgese

  Chiquita Abbott: Living History by Anthony Corso

Preserving Del Mar's Heritage by Art Olson

  The Crossing by Rich Simons

  Stake Out at the Plaza by Ann Silber

A Del Mar Day by Piper Underwood

Changing Spaces by Ann Gardner

Three-Day Reserves by David Scherer and Bertha Leone

Payback Time by Barbara Mandel Pache

Form-Based Code Planning by Anthony Corso

A Gem of a Gym by Bertha Leone

A Testing Time at My Exam by Garry Shirts

Utility Undergrounding Update by Art Olson

July Community Calendar

Community Connections

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The Fairest of the Fair by Don Terwilliger

[...] The principal function of all County Fairs was to exhibit California's agricultural riches. Del Mar's version had some of the finest displays of produce anywhere to be seen. Now we jostle down endless aisles of kitchen gadgets, carpet cleaners, and hot tubs -- a clear admission that it is difficult to make fair exhibits to glorify the freeways, shopping centers and housing tracts that have ruined our former earthly paradise. Is that what they call progress?


This article was previously published in the Del Mar Times July 7-13, 2000 [Historical section] under the title of Fair Memories.  It did not appear in the July/August print issue of the Sandpiper.



Cafe Walls Divide Community 
Mark Whitehead, Santa Fe

The City Council was rebuked by some residents and praised by others in two successive city council meetings, June 8 and 15, now that walled-in patios have been built covering much of the 15th street sidewalk. Explaining that the Council’s


Water-Wise Gardening Symposium

July 25, 9am to 11am.  Presented by the Ad Hoc Water Conservation Citizens' Advisory Committee.   Flyer


A Gem of a Gym
Bertha Leone

THE GYM IN DEL MAR seems almost zen-like, without the pulsing noise that are often found in other gyms. Is this intentional?  Absolutely! We took a step back to see what we could do to give The Gym the look and feel we wanted, i.e., that of a small community gym.




Stake Out at the Plaza
Ann Silber

[...] My eye caught two well-dressed men walking north near Carlos and Annie’s, across the street from me. They were dressed in suits - strange - more New York than California. But the fact that one of them was using a walkie-talkie was stranger still.


1972 - a watershed year for the quality of life in Del Mar John Kerridge would have chosen to include 5 more events in the timeline article, Fifty Years of Self-Government.   Click here

Listening for Quiet
A poem by Jim Crouch, Crest Lane   Click here.


The Sidewalk Cafes on 15th street
Most recent letter posted on July 7. Click here

Utility Undergrounding Update
Letter to the editor posted on July 8.  Click here.

July 25 - Water-Wise Gardening Symposium.  Presented by the Ad Hoc Water Conservation Citizens' Advisory Committee.    more>>
July 25 - Dance Party Fundraiser featuring the Corvettes.    Presented by the Del Mar Lifeguard Association.   more>>
August 22 - a 35th anniversary celebration.  Hosted by the Torrey Pines Association and Docent Society.   more>>
August 30 - A Day at the Races.  Hosted by the Del Mar Historical Society.   more>>

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