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The Necessary Cost of Clean Water  by Dave Druker

Limits to Growth   a guest editorial by John Kerridge

Conflict Sprouts in the Garden   by Sam Borgese

Let's Eat Our Yards   by Mary Friestedt

Keep Our Beaches Dry   by Jon Edelbrock

Historic Pink Lady Gets Makeover   by Art Olson

Al JaCoby, 1927-2008   by Carol Mason

Barbara Schneiderman, 1935-2008   by the Schneiderman family

Speaking Confidence for a Lifetime   by Bertha Leone

Cathy's Perspective: Differing Ideas about Summer  by Catherine D

Where the City Meets the Wildland   by Dismas Abelman

Thank you from the Winston School  

We Know What You're Doing   by Susan Miller

Revitalization: A Proposal Too FAR?  by Mark Whitehead and Wayne Dernetz

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The Necessary Cost of Clean Water  
by Dave Drucker

Everyone wants clean water to drink and wants the water that drains into our ocean and lagoons to be clean. In the past, Del Mar has done a good job of ensuring the water that goes into our oceans and lagoons is clean. But over the past seven years, the state has mandated a number of changes that have increased the expense for monitoring and ensuring the cleanliness of the water that is discharged into our oceans and lagoons.    more>>

The agenda for Tuesday's Planning Commission meeting includes a number of proposed amendments to the Del Mar Municipal Code with the objective of facilitating revitalization of the downtown commercial district. Because such code amendments could potentially have a significant impact both on the economic well-being of downtown businesses and also on the village-like character of Del Mar, it is important that a broad cross-section of residents, business owners, and commercial-property owners contribute to the discussion of the proposed amendments. The Planning Commission meeting will begin at 6pm on Tuesday, 8 July, in the Del Mar TV Studio. The agenda may be found on the city's website:

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Revitalization: A Proposal too FAR? by Mark Whitehead and Wayne Dernetz

“The only incentive is increasing FAR”, argued councilmember Richard Earnest in describing the willingness of property owners to invest in improving the village commercial center.   more>>


Historic pink lady gets makeover
by Art Olson

After four years of intensive work, careful restoration, and architecturally sensitive additions, the renovation of the house on Avenida Primavera originally built by Charles A. Canfield in 1910 has finally been completed. Known alternately as the Canfield-Wright House, Wrightland, and The Pink Lady, this Spanish Revival house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and reflects the rich history of Del Mar over the past 100 years.  more>>

conflict sprouts in the garden
by Sam Borgese

From the tone of the recent Planning Commission meeting, it sounds as though, despite 40 to 70 (depending on how one counts) community hearings on the project, there are issues remaining around the project's traffic impact on its adjacent residential neighborhoods.  more>>


Where the City Meets the Wildland
by Dismas Abelman

The City of Del Mar has taken a multi-faceted approach to fire prevention in the community. Inspections, education and fire-code updates have been the focus of the City's efforts to protect the community from fire.   more>


This material did not appear in the print edition.

Louis A. Hopkins 1919-2008
Former mayor of Del Mar Rear Admiral Lewis Alexander Hopkins of San Antonio died of a heart attack on June 24, 2008 at the age of 89.  more>>


Support Your Del Mar Lifeguards and Help Keep Our Kids Safe

Fundraiser for the new Beach Safety Center and Lifeguard Headquarters

Buffet dinner and auction

Wednesday July 30 at 5:30pm   


Fourth of July Parade

For children of all ages
Powerhouse Park, 9am   more>>


Clean Water Vote:  Remember to watch for your Clean Water Fee mail-in Ballot that should arrive in mid-July. more>>

Revitalization Zoning items to appear on upcoming Planning Commission agendas   more>>

Garden DM Project

Next Step: Design Review Board Special Meeting   more>>

July 9, 6pm

Del Mar TV Studio


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