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Fair Market Value Sam Borgese and Bud Emerson

Fair Talk Needed Now

ASK Dr. RICH! Rich Simons

Facelift for Fifteenth Sherryl L. Parks

2010: Poll Positions Dave Druker

DRB Gets it Right Bud Emerson

Getting to Zero Dan Nore

Waste Competition Wins Jon Emerson

Kilroy Goes For Broke X4 Bud Emerson

Whole Lotta Shingles comin’ Off Piper Underwood

Valuing Citizen Brain Power Art Olson

Arigato Grazie Merci Danke Xièxiè Gracias Spasibo Obrigado

Wildlife Goes Lagoon! Ed Mirsky


Fair Market Value
by Sam Borgese and Bud Emerson

The proposed Del Mar purchase of the fairgrounds property from the state is a moving target, but we have tried to gather as much information as we can to give readers as accurate a picture as possible.

There are several variables that make the picture cloudy. Much of the fog comes from the antics of the Fair Board members who are frantically protecting their VIP perks and privileges with scurrilous assaults and deliberate misrepresentations. Then there is the tortuous processes of state decision making involving the Governor’s office and the Legislature. The final variable is the understandable need the City Council has for confidential negotiating room when they operate in a public fish bowl.



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Editorial: Fair Talk Needed Now
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Pipe Up Update: Mislabeled Photo
posted 02/11/11

Dear Editors:

Getting to Zero by Dan Nore was a very nice article about “Zero Waste."  I whole heartedly support Del Mar’s efforts to reduce waste.

Also, I appreciate the input about the Fairgrounds, however, the picture of the paper bin has “trash” underneath it.  Just to clarify, it is really a picture of our mixed paper collection bin we send to be recycled.  We source separate about 30 materials and value them as recyclables or compostables.  I can see how it may have been interpreted as “trash” according to the power point attached to the article.  It was talking about using the same equipment for recycling as we did for trash.  Just thought you would want to know we do not put that valued material in the landfill.

Nancy Strauss, Resource Conservation Coordinator, Del Mar Fairgrounds

Mislabeled as "trash" at Fairgrounds.  In fact, this is a mixed paper collection bin full of paper the Fairgrounds will send to be recycled. Courtesy Nancy Strauss.

On the website only - not in the print issue

A Scientist, His Work and a Climate Reckoning

In a recent Page One feature, the New York Times took stock of the landmark contributions to science by Del Mar's Charles David (Dave) Keeling (1928-2005).  Keeling's work "transformed the scientific understanding of humanity's relationship with the earth," and the graph showing his painstakingly collected measurements of rising carbon dioxide levels, known as the Keeling Curve, stands unchallenged as "one of the great achievements of modern science." The article explores, in fascinating detail, why "perhaps the biggest reason the world learned of the risk of global warming was the unusual personality of a single American scientist."

Read the full New York Times article here.
A related blog post from the author of the NYT article here.
Read the Sandpiper's March 2007 article about the Keelings here.

February Print Issue

Plague on I-5 Gridlock
Ann Gardner

Does the recent decision by SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) to plan for six new lanes on I-5 between La Jolla and Carlsbad discourage I-5 P.L.A.G.U.E.? “Not at all,” exclaimed Noel Spaid, I-5 PLAGUE’s co-chair and spokesperson. “We are simply going to take our meetings countywide, explaining the importance of funding for mass transit and gathering support for ‘Transit Not Traffic.’ It is the only workable solution to San Diego’s transportation problems; our goal is to get SANDAG representatives to change their minds!”  more>>

Forbidden routes
Virginia Lawrence

In the third week of January the Del Mar Department of Public Works finished barricading the work zone for the retrofit of the North Torrey Pines Bridge. For surfers, cyclists, anglers, joggers - there is no longer any access to either the beach or the bluffs from the Coastal route at Carmel Valley Road or from the north end of the Torrey Pines parking lot.


February Print Issue

2010: Poll Positions
Dave Druker

Every two years we go to the polls to elect our representatives and determine new policies and laws. It is always interesting to see how Del Mar voters compare to the rest of San Diego County and the State of California as a whole. See chart that displays the voting totals for a number of races and propositions. While in some races, Del Mar voted similarly to the state and county, Del Mar was steadfast for the legalization of marijuana and a vehicular fee to pay for parks.    more>>

February Print Issue


Getting to Zero
Dan Nore

Having beat their 75% goal, San Francisco is now scheming to get to zero waste by 2020. So what is the Del Mar community trash profile and what waste reduction goals should Del Mar establish? How close to zero can we go?   more>>

Waste Competition Wins Jon Emerson

[...] ask those same cities how they selected their refuse hauler, whose contract value is millions more than any other purchase, and many will tell you that they negotiated with their current waste hauler without posting a Request For Proposal (RFP). Why would a City Council forgo the opportunity to increase services provided at the most competitive pricing?   more>>

Fine Weather for Ducks

A duck in fowl-weather gear at the East Parking Lot Lake on
December 22, 2010, 9:40 am.


February Print Issue

Whole Lotta Shingles comin’ Off
Piper Underwood

I recently sat down with longtime Del Mar resident Chuck Hile to discuss the possible ban on wood shake shingle roofs. Chuck and his wife Marolyn have lived in the beach colony for 46 years. Replacing their wood shingle roof with Class A materials would run the Hiles upwards of $10,000, creating a financial burden for the couple that lives on a fixed income. 

Eve Selis Band performs for First Thursdays

It was a packed crowd at the Powerhouse as the Eve Selis Band played original songs for the First Thursday subscribers in January. Subscribers are reminded that the Malashock Dance will perform at St. Peter’s in February.

FlowEir Hill OK?
Elevation of proposed Flower Hill Development, Draft EIR

Public comments on an initial and a recirculated Draft EIR for the proposed Flower Hill Mall expansion are being reviewed by City of San Diego staff, and the applicant hopes to appear before the San Diego Planning Commission in March for preliminary approval before moving on to the City Council for a final okay. Following numerous public hearings and some changes by the applicant, the Carmel Valley Planning Board has given preliminary approval to a redesign that softens the original square block appearance of the 65,000 square foot building that would replace the current 14,000 square foot movie theatre. The second draft also includes a requirement that the applicant contribute $3.8 million towards the widening of Via de la Valle to mitigate for the projected increase in traffic. The project includes an open four-level 94,000 square foot parking structure behind the new structure.

Update: January 13, 2011

Two Thousand Dollars Needed
                                                      for Fourth Printing of Del Mar Looking Back

The DMVA History Committee (née Del Mar Historical Society) is seeking funding for the fourth printing of Del Mar Looking Back, Nancy Ewing's history of Del Mar. Because this is really the only complete history of Del Mar, we feel obligated to the community to continue to make it available.

In that regard the original publisher is prepared to print 400 copies at a cost of just over $6000.

We have an anonymous donor putting forward $2000 with a challenge to the community to match that amount. DMVA History Committee will fund the remainder.

To contribute, please contact Larry Brooks:   For donations greater than $100, the DMVA History Committee will give donor a copy of the book.


The community workshop on solid waste is tomorrow, February 24th at 6:30 p.m. at the City Hall Annex.   more info>>

CC to consider fewer Fairboard seats for DM on Monday, February 7 at 7pm.
posted February 6


City of Del Mar Press Release
posted by the Sandpiper January 13, 2011

Today, the City of Del Mar announced the retirement of David Scherer as its Public Works Director.     details>>

Del Mar praises Kehoe: Reiterates commitment to regional governance
City of Del Mar Press Release
posted by the Sandpiper December 6


I-5 to Go Forward
posted December 19

from the Dec 17 Union Tribune

Del Mar Enemies Fight Back
posted November 21

Fairgrounds Board members, assembly member Martin Garrick, and their friends have launched a campaign to "help us save the fairgrounds from Del Mar control," i.e. Del Mar has "hatched a scheme to steal the cherished fairgrounds from the 3.5 million people of San Diego County." They are urging opponents of the sale to contact County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price at and State legislators through the fair's web site

Of course, supporters can exercise the same option.

Fairgrounds Input Requested
Assemblyman Martin Garrick | 74th District
posted on the Sandpiper, November 14

Garrick Gazette | November, 2010 | Issue 11
Website: | Email:

You may be aware that some local representatives want to allow the City of Del Mar to buy the state-owned Del Mar Fairgrounds for $120 million to help address California's budget deficit.

Built in 1936, the fairgrounds hosts the beloved San Diego County Fair. The fairgrounds are self-funded, generating more than $400 million annually in economic activity and creating 5,000 jobs. It also serves as an evacuation site for the region, sheltering thousands of residents and animals during recent wildfires.

Unlike the sale of other state property, selling the fairgrounds would be no ordinary transaction as it is one of San Diego County's prime attractions.

I support selling surplus state property that generates no revenue or serves as a drain on the state's budget. In the case of the fairgrounds, the state must ensure that the interests of local residents are protected. With so much at stake, any sale must take into account the region's needs in a transparent and accountable process.

I would like to hear from you. By clicking below and filling out the survey right away, your opinion will help shape the debate on the possible sale of the fairgrounds. Please take a few moments to make your voice heard.

Click the image below to take an important survey.



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readers' comments

02/11 ...  The picture of the paper bin has “trash” underneath it.  Just to clarify, it is really a picture of our mixed paper collection bin we send to be recycled.  Nancy Strauss  more>>

01/29...   It was truly gratifying to have a Council member publicly recognize the value of and show appreciation for the work done by Del Mar volunteers.  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike  more>>

12/20 ...   I’m surprised that no one in the press or City Council has mentioned that the 22nd DAA (Fairgrounds) has been losing money for the past 3 years.
Preston Vorlicek.

12/10 ... The City of Del Mar violated its own zoning codes and the Community Plan regarding abatement of nonconformities, public views, privacy issues, and open space, by granting a huge variance to a new (not a remodel) ~ 5800 square feet residential development across the street from us.  Steve and Lucy Eskeland.   more>>


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Del Mar Library
  Robert Fulbright and Gail Meinhold, Fit in North County—make the most of the coast and get the beach body you’ve always wanted!
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  Robert Kopfstein, History (and gossip!) of Ruth and Charles Laribee and the San Diego Botanic Garden (formerly Quail Botanical Gardens)


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