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It’s a Wrap
Tom McGreal

EDITORIAL: Civic Civility

Election Results
Bud Emerson

Our Mission
The Sandpiper Editorial Board

Complete Streets
Julie Maxey-Allison

No A Fence
Don Mosier

Candidates Look Back

Terry Gaasterland
Dwight Worden
Brian Fletcher
Dan Quirk

1) Undergrounding

2) Housing Starts

3) Supreme Selection

4) Let the Sunshine In

Plaza Perks Up
Julie Maxey-Allison

Bully’s Site Smaller
Jeff Barnouw

Roving Teen Reporter:
“Never Again” Here

Eve Gross

Nuke Near Drop
Don Mosier

Resort EIR On Hold
Ann Gardner

Out of this World

Julie Maxey-Allison

Thar She Blows
Julie Maxey-Allison

DMF: The Season of Giving
Bob Gans

DMCC: November 2018
Ashley Simpkins

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December 2018

Update 1/30/19

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Camino del Mar over San Dieguito River Bridge Replacement
Workshop at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10 at the
Del Mar Civic Center

The City of Del Mar wants to hear from the public on plans to replace the 86-year-old highway bridge over the San Dieguito River. Please join the project team for an informational workshop at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Del Mar Civic Center, 1050 Camino del Mar.

The Camino del Mar over San Dieguito River Bridge Replacement is in the midst of environmental review, with construction of a new bridge is expected to begin in 2023.

Located north of Sandy Lane and south of Via de la Valle, the 600-foot-long bridge was built in 1932, widened in 1953 and modified in 2001. The bridge is supported by 10 piers. A replacement bridge would require six piers.

A study of the existing bridge in 2012 identified corrosion and vulnerability to earthquakes and concluded that replacing the structure was the most cost-effective solution.

Early estimates place the construction costs at $25 million to $28 million, of which nearly 90 percent would be covered by a federal grant.

To learn more, visit the Camino del Mar over San Dieguito River Bridge Replacement webpage or call 858-704-3680


Bird Migration
at the San Dieguito Lagoon

Ed Mirsky | Hoska Drive
American Avocet.  Photo Steve Brad.
Click to enlarge.
The most memorable experience I’ve had birding during the migration season occurred when I was in college. A friend who is an expert birder asked if I would like to go to Santa Barbara Island with the Los Angeles Audubon. Of course! The chartered fishing boat left at dawn on a cold and foggy morning and we looked for pelagic birds on choppy seas on our way to the island. We departed the boat one at a time, a ranger grabbed an arm to help us from the boat to the small landing as the boat bobbed in the water. Shortly after we began birding my friend heard a soft tslip, a chip note made by a small warbler in the fog overhead, and called out “Wilson’s Warbler.” Soon, another expert hearing a soft witch call as another bird passed in the fog shouted “Connecticut Warbler.” And so the morning went as literally hundreds of warblers, some from wintering grounds as far away as Costa Rica, landed on the island and immediately began to forage.

The birds were flying north along the Pacific Flyway. For most of the birds we see at the Lagoon this is the path that is coded into them. The Connecticut Warbler was an exception. It seems to have taken a “wrong turn.” Most of his kind use the Atlantic Flyway to reach breeding grounds that extend across central Canada.

Similar, but not as dramatic migrations occur at the San Dieguito Lagoon when migrating flycatcher, sparrows, and warblers arrive in small numbers, and shorebirds, geese, and ducks arrive in mass. The San Dieguito monthly bird count has been conducted on the first Sunday of the month since 2010. The highest numbers counted one morning during that period were 589 Western Sandpipers in February 2010, 328 Least Sandpipers in January 2011, and 660 American Wigeon in 2017 to name a few.



Update 12/28/18

Final Election Numbers
  votes percentage
Terry Gaasterland 1453 34%
Dwight Worden 1179 28%
Brian Fletcher 1054 25%
Dan Quirk   568 13%


Pipe Up
Michelle Benson, Crest Road

I object to the untrue and unnecessary characterization of Congressman Darrell Issa as "disgraced"  in your editorial.  Interestingly, your comments under Civic Civility comment that we should "top vilifying the messengers" or politicians as you have done. He was not disgraced but chose not to run for reelection after two redistrictings ruined his chance of winning plus Democrats spent $1.6 million for Levin. He served with distinction including Leadership the House Oversight Committee which investigated some Obama actions, Fast and Furious, the IRS Lois Lerner corruption, Troubled Asset Relief program, financial crisis inquiry, Afghanistan corruption and others. He is a supporter of free trade and and an immigrant worker advocate.

December Print Issue

It’s a wrap
Tom McGreal

This year the new City Hall project was completed on time and on budget! The City Council heard the final project report by Kristen Crane at the November 19th Council meeting.

The budget of $17.8 million was established in November of 2015 and the relocation to the new facility was scheduled for June 30, 2018. The actual relocation took place on May 29th ahead of schedule and when the accounting dust settles there will be a small remaining surplus of funds from the budget.

This was a large-scale complex project that included all components of design, engineering, environmental review, entitlement process, project management, the actual construction with its many inspections and the final furnishings.


Update 12/04/18
NPR story about Sea Level in Del Mar
"Retreat" Is Not An Option
As A California Beach Town Plans For Rising Seas
Click here for full story on NPR
December Print Issue
EDITORIAL: Civic Civility

The recent election in Del Mar came far too close to mirroring our dysfunctional national political scene. Facts don’t matter and anonymous personal attacks are fair game. In Del Mar!

We all live in a beautiful village on the beach. We all should be able to agree that preserving our lifestyle is in our shared interest. That is what our Community Plan is all about. We can debate the merits of various policies to implement our common vision, but the focus should stay on issues, not personalities. Some of the vitriol in this campaign assigned blame for environmental threats to beachfront property to one candidate.

Threats to property come from wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and changes in sea levels. One person does not control these events. The California Coastal Commission is a villain when it wants to guide adaptation to sea level rise but a hero when it loosens regulations on short-term rentals. The Surfrider Foundation opposes seawalls but supports sand replenishment. So we agree on some policies and disagree on others. Then let’s debate the policies and stop vilifying the messengers.

Thanks to all the candidates who ran for City Council and personally offered their visions for the future of Del Mar. Congratulations to Terry Gaasterland and Dwight Worden on their election. Thanks to Brian Fletcher and Dan Quirk for their candidacy and willingness to serve.


December Print Issue

Bud Emerson

A hard fought campaign this year in Del Mar produced these result:
Note: A handful of ballots remains to be counted. Final count to be announced on December 12.

CITY COUNCIL (two seats open)
Terry Gaasterland with 1452 votes came in first and will take one of the open seats. Her campaign strategy produced strong support from the beach community as well as votes from all the other precincts.

Incumbent Dwight Worden came in second with 1178 votes to retain his seat. A healthy majority of voters rebuked the anonymous persons who mounted a vicious smear campaign trying to unseat him.

Brian Fletcher made a strong third place showing with 1053 votes, doing very well in the beach area and garnering more votes from other precincts.

Dan Quirk’s low budget campaign made a respectable showing with 567 votes. He offered many new ideas and solutions which attracted votes from all precincts.

Democrat Mike Levin easily defeated Republican Diane Harkey to replace disgraced Congressman Darrell Issa, 55% to 45% (even stronger in the San Diego portion of the two county district , 59% to 41%)

Measure P Yes 59% No 41% (amend city general plan)
Measure R Yes 18% No 82% (shoreline protection area)
Measure T Yes 80% No 20% (gas station site 941 redevelopment)
Measure MM Yes 61% No 39% (elementary school bond)

December Print Issue
Thar She Blows
Julie Maxey-Allison

It’s December! Busy time! It’s busy, too, for gray whales. Now through February some 20,000 will parade south through our waters on their annual migration from Alaska to the lagoons of Baja California where the many pregnant mothers will give birth to their calves.These warm-blooded gray whales, the official California marine mammal, are on the first half of their 10,000 mile round trip, the longest known annual migratory route for any animal.

Take time to catch their passing show. Look west. Scan the horizon. Out there, on the calm Pacific Ocean stage, you’ll spot the whale’s spectacular performance art: white plume-like puffs shooting up 6-12 feet high. The spouts are their exhales, warm air from blowholes on the top of their heads as they breathe. They usually surface every three to five minutes, though they can stay submerged up to fifteen. When traveling in a group, or pod, their misty jets look to be a steam engine on the move. Don’t be sidetracked by bird splashes. Extra sharp eyes may spy a fluke as they dive down.


Update 11/26/18

Throughout November DMCC and the Del Mar Foundation will be collecting toys for the North County Community Resource Center Holiday Baskets program. The CRC provides a dignified and free shopping experience to over 6,000 individuals, including children, seniors, veteran families, and survivors of domestic violence, providing them with food and gifts for the holidays. 

Drop off your new, unwrapped toy, stuffed animal, children's book, or item of sports equipment at our office in the Del Mar Community Building on 225 9th St during business hours

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