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A Vision for Village Revitalization by Mark Whitehead

Investing in Our Future - Editorial

A “Shore” Thing – With Your Help  by Barbara Mandel Pache

City Opts for Virtual Revitalization  by Art Olson

Cathy's Perspective by Catherine D

Will the “Gold Coast” Lose its Sheen? by John Graybill

Jerry Finnell Remembered  by Penny Abell

Conversations with Ourselves  by Henry Abarbanel

Tackling the "Fire Triangle"  by Dismas Abelman

Ann - Our "Mother of Exiles"  by Sherryl Parks

Bled by the State  by Kenya Warren

Confidence Breeds Success  interview with Janet Bernard, DMUSD Interim Superintendent by Susan Miller

April Community Calendar

A New Perspective on the Lagoon   by Liz Dernetz

Sips & Tidbits   by Liz and Wayne Dernetz

Neighborhood Character Threatened   by Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Community Connections

June Strasberg: A Jewel in Paradise   by Shirley King

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A Vision for Village Revitalization
April 2008 | by Mark Whitehead

A community serving retail district located south on Camino del Mar near 9th street, more continuity of lively store-fronts, streamlined development processes, and improving “perceptions” about parking were among the recommendations of Ms. Kennedy Smith whose long-awaited revitalization plan for Del Mar's business core was presented to the city council on March 17.   more>>

City Council Retreat
A Web Exclusive Article by Dave Druker

Over the past few years, the City Council has been attempting to make our goals more outcome-based so that there will be measurable progress for many of the multi-year goals.  more>>

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Public Comments + Public Hearing on Toll Road Appeal 
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced a 30-day public comment period, beginning April 28, for comments on the appeal from the California Coastal Commission's toll road decision, and the Surfrider Foundation and other toll road opponents are asking concerned citizens to request a public hearing on this issue of vital importance to San Onofre State Beach and Trestles.   more>>


A "Shore" Thing - With Your Help
by Barbara Mandel Pache

$4.8 million is committed to date.  [But] almost $4 million is still needed.   more>>


City Opts for Virtual Revitalization by Art Olson 

"It makes a lotta sense," said Dave Druker, "and it's a lot cheaper than any other alternative."  Druker was struck by the fact that parking would no longer be a problem.  [...]  The Council approved the "Del Mar Virtual Revitalization Act" by unanimous vote, and budgeted $10,000 toward the goal of getting it up and running by next April 1st.  more>>


Tackling the "Fire Triangle" by Dismas Ableman

If a house is at the top of a hill on top of a "draw" (usually the best location for a view) the house will be exposed to a furnace if the fire gets into the draw.  A draw is a canyon that runs from the bottom of the hill to the top.  This configuration allows both sides of the canyon to heat causing the flames to move up the draw, FAST.  more>>


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Sunday, April 13, 2008, 3:00 to 5:00pm

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Sunday, April 27


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