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october 2015
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Is Del Mar Overbuilding?

Is Del Mar Different?
Bud Emerson


Carbon Consequences
Henry Arbarbanel


Green: Going Going Gone
Lee Haydu


Small Town Values
Dave Druker


DRB: Residents’ Angst


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Del Mar
Civic Plaza

EDITORIAL: Building Character

Design Within Reach
Kathy Garcia

News Updates
Bud Emerson

Ask Dr. Rich
Rich Simons

PASEO Problems Persist
Ann Gardner

Design Redo Review
Richard Jamison

Hazel’s March
Shannon Hogan Cohen

Roving Teen Reporter:
College Dilemma

Leah Gans


Kaaboo Soundings
Nancy Fisher


Kaaboo in Review
Dwight Worden



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DMTV Presents:
Be a Producer

Luana Karr

Cop Options
Jim Benedict

Locavores’ Delight:
Squash Season

Leslie Robson

Last Indie Standing
Ann Gardner

Occupy Shores Park
Ann Gardner

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Age Is Just a Number, right?
Extending Our Health Span
Shannon Hogan Cohen, Luneta Drive
Note: This piece, part of the Fourth Quarter Series, never made it into any of our print issues because there hasn't been enough room.

... We all want to stay in the healthy part of our lives longer.  Our molecular midlife transition occurs between forty to fifty years old, which marks the beginning of when age-related diseases set in.  The research being conducted on telomeres and our chromosomal activities may thrust the healthy part of our lives to seventy-five. ...

the complete piece in pdf format

Pipe Up
Astounding Noise
Ralph Reisner, Surf View Court

[...]  The Del Mar city administration does not appear to focus on what appears to be a court ruling that limits the right of the agricultural districts to sponsor events that exceed certain prescribed noise levels (the exact decimal levels permitted are set out in an announcement on the web page of the agricultural district reporting on a judicial order). Ostensibly, that order would give the city standing to enforce the noise levels associated with agricultural district events excluding the annual fair.

full letter in pdf format

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Save the DAte
"Plan Your Park” workshop
Sunday, October 18
from 2-4 pm

City of Del Mar

The second phase of the Shores Park Master Plan process will get underway with a “Plan Your Park” workshop on Sunday October 18 from 2-4 p.m.  The event will be held at the Winston School Auditorium at 215 Ninth Street.

Residents are encouraged to review the summary of public input gathered in phase one by going to the City’s website at

The website also has information about the Shores Advisory Committee (SAC), its agendas and minutes and an opportunity to sign up for all future notices regarding planning for the 5.3 acre site purchased by the City in 2008.  At the Workshop residents will get together to envision how and where potential park amenities could fit on the site.  Sample park designs that feature concepts favored in Phase One will be provided. 

Preferences will be complied by the City’s Park Consultant Schmidt Design to develop three concepts for the next step.  The Master Plan is expected to be completed in winter 2016. 

Yellow Journalism
Jan Kinney, 9th Street

The Sandpiper has stooped to a new low by using a doctored photograph of four separate construction projects merged into one on the front page!  You have indeed done an excellent job of exemplifying Yellow Journalism--journalism that exploits, distorts and/or exaggerates the news to create sensation and attract readers. Did you have to make your case in supporting a growing number of residents who sense the rules are being manipulated to achieve projects that are out of scale within various neighborhoods by manipulating (your word) the photograph?

There are a number of residents who feel the new homes being constructed will add to the beauty and charm of Del Mar.  For those residents who don’t want basements, pools, outdoor living spaces, etc., may I suggest you place deed restrictions on your property and leave the rest of us alone.

Wednesday, October 7
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Lagoon Moon
Larry Brooks
Shot by the Grand Avenue Bridge at the edge of the San Dieguito Lagoon on Monday, September 28.  Photo Larry Brooks. 
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October Print Issue


IS Del Mar Overbuilding?
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Is Del Mar Different?
Bud Emerson
We do not want to be Rancho Santa Fe or Fairbanks Ranch or San Diego with houses that cry out “look at me .” It is easy to see our differentiators if you compare the bulk and mass of most houses along Del Mar Heights Road with nearby Del Mar houses whose scale is regulated by our design ordinances.   more

Carbon Consequences
Henry Arbarbanel 
Larger houses have a larger carbon footprint. ... So as a new residential unit is being reviewed the energy and water consumption might need to be a consideration for approval.  more

Assessed Valuation of Land in Southern California
 table in pdf format


Green: Going Going Gone
Lee Haydu
The city’s design review process needs improvement to assure that developers and architects don’t “game the system” for their own profit, when others comply.  more


Small Town Values
Dave Druker
Their conclusion was that in order for non-regulated areas to have the same property values as regulated areas, a house would have to have at least one more bedroom.  more


DRB: Residents’ Angst
“The proposed house is much higher than the neighbor’s and hovers over their home and in different areas looks right into their home or right into their second floor deck thus invading their privacy.  more
DRB: Alternative Views
The Sandpiper invited several residents and groups to offer alternative views
but were turned down. Perhaps some will be motivated to respond
to the views expressed in this issue?
October Print Issue


EDITORIAL: Building Character
Del Mar Civic Plaza rendering. Courtesy City of Del Mar.
Click on image to enlarge.

What we build in Del Mar should be a reflection of who we are as a community and what we cherish about the character of our environment.    Both private and public structures should be designed with that in mind.

We urge the City Council and the city hall architects to pay close attention to comments from many in our community about the preliminary design ideas recently presented by the design team.   more

October Print Issue


Occupy Shores Park
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Planning for the Shores Park will move into its design phase on Sunday, October 18 when residents will be asked to fit cut-outs of community-preferred activities on a site plan of the 5.3 acre property. The event will be held on-site at the Winston School Auditorium from 2-4 p.m. with break out work areas in the breezeway and in class rooms. The workshop will provide residents with an opportunity to work together with consultant Schmidt Design toward a final Park Master Plan expected to be completed in late 2016.   more

Hot off the Wire: PASEO Updates


  • Check and scroll down for the slide show presented last Thursday Sept 24, at the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board.  It is the most up-to-date, showing the latest facts, figures, and designs.


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moon shots over del mar
Blood Moon on Sept 27

Taken from Crest and Amphitheater. 
Click to enlarge.  Photos Bill Morris.

KAABOO Unsuitable for Del Mar
Bob Jellison, Mira Montana Drive

Dear Sandpiper

Thank  you for providing a number to report noise issues - but since the calls simply went to an answering machine it is not clear how that could possibly help.

Admittedly a Kaaboo like event worked well in the desert community of Indio, but why anyone thought a similar event could possibly be suitable for Del Mar is completely beyond my understanding.



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