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Killjoy For Kilroy
Ann Gardner

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EDITORIAL: Make Short-terms a Memory

COMMENTARY: Strangers in the Night

Peter Sertic

Ask Dr. Rich

Rich Simons


Design Redo Board
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City Hears Citizens

Andrew Potter

COMMENTARY: Digestion Suggestion

Shirley King

Civic Center Design: Design Progresses

Kathy Garcia

Civic Center Design: Architects Take Note
To the People of Del Mar, May 6, 2015

Miller Hull: Mike Jobes, Caroline Kreiser and Kurt Stolle

Fourth Quarter of Life:

Anthony Corso

Fourth Quarter of Life:
Stay or Go?

Nancy Fisher

Fourth Quarter of Life:
Resilient Rachel

Rachel Reed

Beg, Borrow & Steal

Shannon Hogan Cohen

Hola, Ana

Helen Kaufmann

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White Gloves and Collards

Virginia Lawrence

Drought Discipline

Scott Huth

Shaping Shores

Ann Gardner


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“Lone Ranger” Rides Again

Anthony Corso


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Killjoy For Kilroy
Ann Gardner

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Hemmed in by growing criticism, two lawsuits and a last minute “compromise” between Kilroy Realty and three local groups, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously on May 18 to repeal their February 23 approval of the oversized One Paseo Project in Carmel Valley.


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The Sandpiper editors salute our colleague
Ann Gardner

for her relentless journalistic pursuit of this issue for several years. Her leadership helped galvanize Del Mar’s support for our neighbor Carmel Valley’s fight to protect community integrity.

In response to the Sandpiper’s eBlast Thursday evening, May 21st, announcing that the San Diego City Council had repealed its approval of the One PASEO project.
Thank you. Watching your professional attack on this monster of a project has been heartwarming.
Dave Ulrey, 13th Street - May 21, 2015
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June Print Issue
Editorial page

Make Short-Terms a Memory

With the proliferation of AirBnB and other internet-based rentals sites, it is time for Del Mar to ban short term rentals in residential neighborhoods – specifically the R-1 and R-2 zones. Cities have created zones to separate commerce from residents to reduce the impact of commerce on residents. Some residents are treating their own houses as commercial vehicles like hotels when that use is not allowed in a residential neighborhood.

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“Lone Ranger” Rides Again
Anthony Corso

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Two or three years ago we interviewed Adam Chase and referred to him as the “Lone Ranger” recognizing that Adam is Del Mar’s sole law enforcement and sworn peace officer. In addition to discussing his work - overseeing 2.5 miles of beach, parks, lagoons, preserve and waterways- he told of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security at Penn State University with an emphasis upon “Public Health Preparedness and Education.”


Pipe up
100% correct
PIPE UP in response to Scott Renner’s Commentary in the May 2015 issue: Air Assault.  Sandpiper May 2015 article here

I think [Scott Renner] is 100% correct. I won't go into the details with my
experience because I know and like the owners of the home involved.
Suffice it to say that with the owners living elsewhere this was a
years long series of one and two week rentals. The main problem being
overflowing trash/garbage cans that often failed to get to the street
for pickup and additional noise.

Incidentally, you may find that some owners consider that they "can
rent to anyone they damn well please" - whenever they please.

D.B. Shelton, Seaview Avenue

Pipe Up
No More Signs !!!
PIPE UP in response to Ira Sharp's Commentary in the May 2015 issue: Cycle Citation
Sandpiper May 2015 article here

We don't need more sign clutter.  We don't need separate signs telling cyclists to stop at stop signs.  As a long time cyclist, I'm well aware that it is illegal to run a stop sign on a bike anywhere in California.  Having ridden with many local groups, I can also convey that local cyclists are well aware that the stop signs in Del Mar are well patrolled by sheriffs who love to hand out tickets to cyclists.  I'm not adverse to slowly rolling through a stop sign when I have great visibility in all directions and see no potential hazards.  It's a pain to constantly stop, click out of your pedals, click back in and start up again.  But you better believe I fully stop at every sign in Del Mar and I'm fine with that.

I do however have a problem with the inordinate amount of attention and resources that are being dedicated to this issue.  There are much greater risks to public safely than cyclists rolling through stop signs.  Crossing Camino Del Mar at 12th Street crosswalk is a near death experience.  I would estimate that cars fail to stop 80% of the time I cross despite having pushed the button to start the flashing lights.  I would love to see more enforcement resources dedicated to ticketing cars that fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.  It's only a matter of time until there is another tragic accident.

Mark Stuckelman, Luneta Drive
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June Print Issue

Standard of Living
Del Mar, CA is 126.7% more expensive to live in than San Diego, CA You would need $113, 351 in Del Mar, CA compared to $50,000 in San Diego, CA to maintain the same standard of living.
Housing in Del Mar is 270.3% more expensive than in the City of San Diego.

Source: Council for Community and Economic Research

June Print Issue
In response to Scott Renner’s Commentary in the May 2015 issue:
Air Assault

We also live next to a short term vacation rental house. After paying the price of admission to live in Del Mar by actually purchasing our home, we discovered that a house directly adjacent to us was owned by an absentee owner who had, we understood, “inherited it from a relative” and was owned and operated solely as a short term vacation rental.

We realize the vacationers are paying good, in fact VERY good money for the privilege of renting this house for the few days they are here, and we also appreciate that the owner of the home has the right to do what he wishes with his property. However, for nearly two decades, this house has been the subject of many a sleepless night, not to mention run ins with with the visitors, rental company and absentee homeowner for us, as well as our neighboring homeowners. The vacationers are, as Mr. Renner states, in “vacation mode,” and we are in “this is our home” mode. Is it fair to either party to have “vacation village” smack dab in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood? Perhaps the answer is to make a minimum stay requirement. Two weeks... Thirty days...?
Debra Mills, Ocean View Avenue.

June Print Issue
In response to Scott Renner’s Commentary in the May 2015 issue:
Air Assault

I feel the same as Scott Renner does about short-term rentals. I also live next door to an airbnb (hotel) property. Not knowing your neighbors and strangers checking in routinely is disruptive. I don’t like the short-term rentals because you don’t have a sense of community and familiarity.
Gale Darling, Wesley Lane

June Print Issue
Take a Turn
City Advisory Committee Vacancies June

The City is currently soliciting for interested persons to fill the following committee vacancies:
  • Ad-Hoc Development Review Process Citizens’ Advisory Committee
    Nine (9) vacancies
    Applications due: June 5, 2015
  • Planning Commission
    Two (2) vacancies
    Applications due: June 5, 2015
  • Sea-Level Rise Stakeholder-Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)
    Nine (9) vacancies
    Open until filled

If you wish to volunteer, please contact City Hall:
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